Ridgewood July 29, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 7 Bond urged for comprehensive work at Graydon by John Koster Ridgewood philanthropist David Bolger has urged the Ridgewood Village Council to bond $10 million for a comprehensive overhaul of Graydon Pool and said the renovation, once completed, could be self-sustaining. “We believe this work can all be done by issuing a bond of $10,000,000 in revenue bonds, which in today’s marketplace is at 4.5 percent with a 25-year maturity, without impairing Ridgewood’s overall borrowing ability (Triple A rating),” Bolger said. “The revenue bond of $10,000,000 is based upon 6,000 participants, which was the 1999 level for Graydon participation, based upon $150 per person to a family maximum of $750. This does not include non-resident fees, since it is not proposed that Ridgewood would accommodate out of town families at this time. In summary, this would leave operating funds of $233,001 per year for chemicals and cost of operation, after a debt service of $666,999 and would not result in increased real estate taxes.” Bolger said the existing bath houses at Graydon are outdated and undersized. He called them totally non-functional by current standards. The bath houses, he said, need to be equipped with diaper changing areas and additional showers. Bolger also said the fence around the pool area, which does not comply with state law, would have to be removed once the project was approved. He suggested that, since the fence is relatively new, it should be moved to the Maple Avenue frontage of Lester Stable to replace the split rail fence that has been damaged by vandals, passing cars, and snowplows. He also said parking is overtaxed due to the demands of library programs, including computer use, and by parking by sports teams. “The Stable parking area cannot be expanded beyond the parking in the rear of the stable,” Bolger added. “However, this area could be enhanced by creating drains into the brook, which could be accomplished at very little cost.” The Ridgewood Council has approved the idea of seeking bids for a renovation of Graydon Pool in concept, and is expected to vote on the issuance of a request for proposals on Aug. 5. If the council approves the request and bids are received, the winning bidder would be asked for detailed conceptual work, which could include the multiple pool complex endorsed by the Ridgewood Pool Committee, a volunteer group. No plan has yet been approved and the amount is still unknown. Bolger has not offered to subsidize the construction. Finally... a hearing device you’ll want to wear. Visit our office and try Dual for FREE! Call 7-15-09 janine Airbrook3x3(7-15-09) 3x3 © 2008 Oticon, Inc. All rights reserved. 201-934-7755 today to learn more. Dual: Engineered for performance, designed for style. Dual is the most advanced hearing instrument on the market today. It helps you move beyond the frustrations of hearing loss, so you can experience life with the clearest, most comfortable and natural hearing possible in any listening situation. � The ultimate combination of state-of-the-art technology with a sleek design you want to wear ��Understand what others are saying in noisy situations � Use the telephone with ease and convenience � Watch TV at the same volume as everyone else It’s a hearing device you’ll really love to wear. 119 Interstate Shopping Center, Ramsey, New Jersey Intersection of Route 17 & Franklin Turnpike ADVANCED HEARING SERVICES, INC. www.HearNJ.com Supervising Licence. NJ Hearing Aid Dispenser * Licence # 743 *Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. **American Conference of Audioprosthology Thomas J. Higgins, BC-HIS*, ACA**