Ridgewood July 22, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 7 Ridgewood Water Company baffled by spike in arsenic by John Koster Ridgewood Water Company Director Frank Moritz said last week that he was just as surprised as everyone else about the reported spike in the level of arsenic in the local drinking water, but that the public health had never been at risk and the water now tests as completely within standards. “It’s really not an issue,” Moritz said last week. “We call it an aberration. The state standards provide for four quarters and we passed for the year. We’re going to be monitoring the situation in case this happens again.” Moritz said he had no idea why the drinking water standards of the state were violated twice during 2008. Test results received on May 15, 2008 at the Leigh Well and on Aug. 15, 2008 at the East Saddle River well showed that the system exceeded the standard or maximum contamination level for arsenic. The range for detection was from zero to 0.011 mg/l. The standard for arsenic is 0.005 mg/l. The director said there had been no immediate risk and that, if there had been, the public would have been noti- fied immediately. The Ridgewood Water Company supplies tap water for Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Midland Park, and Wyckoff from artesian wells. Arsenic in very mild amounts occurs in some foods, and once was used as an appetite stimulant. However, arsenic is poisonous in intense concentrations and prolonged exposure to low amounts of arsenic has been linked to skin damage, circulatory damage, and some forms of cancer. Moritz said the water at all wells had tested as completely acceptable except for the two spikes in the late spring and summer of 2008 and that there have been no recurrences. Graydon Pool (continued from page 3) Members of the recreation staff said they supported the need for change but were professionally bound not to endorse any specific proposals or opinions. They agreed, however, that Graydon Pool could not continue to function as it had indefinitely. Heather Mailander, acting village manager and long-term village clerk, said the request for proposals did not preclude other plans, and that a plan for a natural filtration system using hydroponic plants to take impurities out of the water was still a possibility. No money has yet been committed for the pool construction. George Hadfield won the Ridgewood Parks and Recreation Home Run Derby held at Veteran’s Park. Hadfield hit seven home runs out of eight pitches. He is a second grader at Willard School. He is pictured receiving his prize, a Ridgewood Play Hard or Go Home Shirt, from Mrs. Muzio of the Ridgewood Baseball/Softball Association. Covering all bases