July 15, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 15 Ridgewood Independence Day parade celebrates unity, creativity The theme of this year’s Ridgewood Parade was ‘Fifty States: One Nation.’ The float pictured above won first place in personnel and costumes and was recognized throughout the parade as an exciting and fun example of how to play in the neighborhood. The theme of the float was ‘Fifty States: One Nation - One Big Neighborhood.’ It was created and implemented by two neighborhood families who are also great friends, the DiMartinos and the Cascardos. For the first time, Floyd Little’s Double Dutch Team from Newark (pictured top left and top right) performed feats of jumprope skill. In addition, over 30 performers from ages 6 to 60 hula-hooped on homemade hoops courtesy of Swoopin In - a new company designed to bring business opportunities to exceptional adults and one of the corporate sponsors of this float. Break the Highway Trend! ...not your community’s back. Parking fee revision (continued from page 3) frequently attends village meetings, Killion said the parking initiative had come from the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce. Killion and former Councilman Patrick Mancuso said the council’s plan was to increase revenue with a doubled rate for prime-time parking during shortstop shopping hours, but to enhance dining by relaxing the issuance of tickets after 6 p.m. Opening the commuter lot on Chestnut Street for free on Saturday would also improve the logistics of weekend parking. Killion said the change in rates was a necessity given the economic climate and the fact that the Ridgewood Parking Authority had not had a rate increase in eight years, while everything else had gone up. He said the parking rate increase was only a temporary remedy. “For the first couple of years we’ll be making money,” Killion said of the increase. “But you’re going to come to a point where you’re going to start losing money.” Local businesses are the backbone of your community and the trend to shop the big guys on the highway hurts us all.Your local businesses have what you want... at the right price... and close to home. So, why hassle with the highways? Save Time! Save Gas! Save Money! SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY! We Need You SHOP LOCALLY. IT’S SMART. ...and besides, it’s so convenient!