January 28, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 7 Ridgewood High School has listed 38 Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars. Bloustein Scholars are students who have placed first, second, or third in their class, and rank within the top 10 percent the graduating class at the end of junior year, or those who have a combined SAT score of 1,260 or more in reading and math and rank in the top 10 percent of the class. The Bloustein Scholar status confers a $1,000 scholarship to any four-year college or university in New Jersey, without regard to financial need on the part of the student. Ridgewood’s Bloustein Scholars include Hilary Barr, Madhura Bhalerao, Samuel Birnbaum, Kyleen Burke, Eunsun Choi, Madeline Conboy, Jessica Connor, Annabeth Gellman, Megan Granski, Elena Guy, Nicholas Horwitz, Ryan Jorgensen, Michael Katzman, Mikaela Kislevitz, Arvind Krishmamurthy, Dylan Lee, Justin Leider, Matthew Levitsky, Ethan Lowenthal, Arjun Modi, Zoe Namerow, Jennifer Narvaez, Max Needle, Leela Patel, Molly Rapaport, Michael Robinson, Masahito Sayanagi, Daniel Schuler, Kevin Seavers, Daniel Sohval, Collin Suh, Clare Tilton, Catherine Trautwein, and Nicole Zamalin. Scholars named Firefighters (continued from page 5) The Step 1 pay for a senior fire inspection officer starts at $115,928 in 2009 and progresses to $125,845. Fire lieutenants hired before Jan. 1, 2000 receive salaries that range from $99,948 in 2009 to $114,238 in 2012 in Step 1. Fire captains hired before 2000 are paid $110,103 in 2009 and progress to $125,845 in 2012. Firemen who complete and maintain certifications as emergency medical technicians or paramedics and remain active in the village program will receive an additional stipend of $2,000 for the first two years, $2,200 for the next two years, and $2,400 for the fifth year and after. Firefighters can qualify as firefighter engineers after seven years of service on the paid department and completion of a half-dozen management and technical courses, including a pump operation course and a health and safety course. J. KOSTER