Page 4 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • January 28, 2009 Glen Rock New appointments provide continuity for boards by John Koster Glen Rock Mayor John van Keuren said he was completely satisfied with the new and renewed appointments to the Glen Rock municipal boards for 2009. “I’m very pleased with the number of people who have volunteered to help the town,” van Keuren said. “I just wish I had more committees to put people on. I look forward to a very constructive year.” Planning board appointments included Harold Knapp and Kay Tuite for 2009 to 2012, Jon Osborn as an Alternate 1 member for one year, and former Councilman Mark McCullough continued as an alternate member. Councilman Art Pazan was appointed to a one-year term as a council representative, and Robert Tiserio, head of public works, was appointed to a one-year term. Louis Reuter and Barbara Schineller were appointed to the zoning board of adjustment for 2009 to 2012. Paul Herrlett was appointed chairman of the board of health for a term from 2009 to 2011, and Suzanne McCullough and Jennie Mayer were appointed as members from 2009 to 2011. Former Councilwoman Bella Fellig was appointed for another year on the Glen Rock Library Board. Marcia Kaiser was appointed the superintendent’s representative for one year. Betty Helfst was appointed to the public assistance board for a three-year term, and former council member Carol Knapp was appointed for a one-year term. Rona McNabola was appointed to the assessment commission for a three-year term. Naomi Gamorra was appointed chairman of the environmental commission, and Karen Grady and Simone Healey were appointed alternate members for one year. Helpful Hints Helpful Hints from ome “Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan so the warm air is forced back down into the room”. 27 Franklin Tpk, Waldwick Open Sundays 9-3 201-652-5666 Billy Says... Glen Rock, Waldwick, and Ho-Ho-Kus will be sharing services with Ridgewood as the local governments in Northwest Bergen County work to reduce outlay for necessary services and materials through group actions. Glen Rock will authorize Ridgewood to perform signal maintenance on traffic signals and to repair Glen Rock signals that malfunction. Ridgewood will also provide traffic signal maintenance and repair for Midland Park, Waldwick, Ho-Ho-Kus, Fair Lawn, and Washington Township. Glen Rock and Ridgewood will continue to share the costs and the use of a tub grinder, which reduces tree branches and roots to chips for gardening or recycling, and is swapped between Glen Rock and Ridgewood recycling areas. Ridgewood also agreed by resolution to enter into a Local municipalities to share services shared services agreement with the Waldwick Fire Department for the maintenance and repair of fire vehicles, and with the Borough of Midland Park to provide vehicle refueling, maintenance, and repair services for designated vehicles. The Ridgewood Village Council voted by resolution to approve a similar agreement with the Ridgewood Board of Education. Wyckoff is now exploring the possibility of joint services with Franklin Lakes and Oakland, the other two towns in the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School consortium. Management professionals all over Northwest Bergen have advocated shared services as one way of reducing expenses. J. KOSTER Landscaping Corp. CIRINO 201-891-0955 ��������� ������������ PRICE CUT - No Fee Spacious Studios �������������������������� ������������������ Ask about our prepay for Season Discount! 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