Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • January 14, 2009 Emmanuel asks ? Ca n Yo u He l p Our hat’s off to all of our supporters this past year! Here is some news about kids helping kids: We thank the Allendale Daisy Troops #1053 and #1149 for their contribution of nearly $500 this past holiday season. Great job! Brendan and Miles shoveled snow and collected $120, which they used to buy Kohl’s gift cards for some families we serve. Way to go, boys! One surefire way to help the economy and stay out of the talk of “how bad things are out there” is to give or contribute. Yes, it may seem counterintuitive, but your giving is faith-in-action that better times are ahead. It opens your heart and it always is repaid in some way. Try an experiment and watch what happens! Involve your workplace in this New Year. If your group (work, place of worship, child’s sports team, etc.) is looking for something to do, consider a fundraiser or a food collection in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can donate any foods that are pink or red or have that color label on them. We have a big need for nutrient drinks, like Pedia-Sure and Ensure, that our kids use because they have some difficulty with the effects of chemotherapy. We have new families that have signed on for our services and requests for food from our families have doubled since May of last year. Some of their needs are: Path Mark, Shop-Rite and the A&P grocery store gift cards. Your contribution helps the family’s tight budget stretch a little more. We have had a good response to our articles in the last few weeks about a four-year-old girl named Allie, who has been requiring the donation of 4T-5T Pull-ups or GoodNights brand (for a person of 38 pounds). This is an ongoing need and we hope you will continue to support her with your checks and donations. Allie’s mom was quite moved when we arrived with the packages of the products. Allie and her mom live in a small apartment and their income is stretched to the limit, so everything given is a big help. They thank you and hope for your continued generosity. Call us at (201) 612-8118 before you stop by. Please do not leave items at center without checking with us first. Our storage space is limited. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 to 5. Our address is 174 Paterson Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Our website is As always, thank you for helping the children and their families! Area McNerney announces flu clinics for county residents Two free flu clinics will be available to Bergen County residents age 65 and over. The first clinic will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 20 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Bergen County Department of Health Services in Room 202 of the Community Services Building located at 327 East Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus. A second clinic has been scheduled for Friday, Jan. 23 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Room 465 of the County Administration Building, One Bergen County Plaza in Hackensack. “The best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated each year,” said McNerney. “In New Jersey, about 2,000 deaths per year are directly attributed to pneumonia and influenza; nearly 90 percent of these deaths occur among persons age 65 and over.” “According to health professionals, influenza season most often peaks in February, but influenza viruses can continue to cause illness into the spring,” said Freeholder Julie O’Brien. “Residents will continue to benefit from vaccinations they receive in December and January.” Flu shots will be administered at no cost to Bergen County residents age 65 and over who have a Medicare card with Part B/medical insurance coverage and who are not covered by an HMO. Residents ages 18 to 64 will be charged $15 for the vaccination. Checks made payable to the Bergen County Department of Health Services will be accepted. Residents who prefer to pay cash should bring exact change. For women who are pregnant, a doctor’s note is required in order to receive a flu shot. Certain people should not get a flu shot. Do not receive a flu shot if you have a fever, had a previous allergic reaction to the flu vaccine, or if you are allergic to eggs or Thimerosal, which contains mercury. Consult your physician or local hospital clinic before receiving a flu shot if you have an acute respiratory infection or other acute infectious condition. For information on the flu clinics call (201) 634-2648. Call the Bergen County Health Information Line at (201) 225-7000 for frequently asked questions about influenza or visit the department website at PROUDLY SERVING WYCKOFF AND THE GREATER BERGEN COUNTY AREA FOR OVER 20 YEARS! 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