Glen Rock December 23, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 9 Council tables ordinances for further study, review by John Koster The Glen Rock Borough Council marked its last meeting at its temporary location at 175 Rock Road by adopting four ordinances and putting three more ordinances related to traffic and parking on hold for further study and review. Boxes with files and papers were visible in the halls, and some offices were already closed as Mayor John van Keuren and the council methodically moved through the agenda, which provoked no comment from the public, though residents spoke on other matters. The ordinance regulating alarm systems was postponed, probably until Dec. 29, when the council expects to meet in the restored and renovated borough hall at Harding Road. The ordinance as introduced would require that alarms be registered with the police, and includes a fee scale for disturbance by false alarm. The first two false alarm signals would prompt a written warning, the next three would each prompt a $50 fine, the next three after that would prompt a $100 fee, and any false alarms after that would cost the owner $250, if the ordinance is adopted in this form. Any alarm other than a fire alarm which sends in more than a dozen false alarms in a year would be disconnected. The ordinances for parking, also withdrawn, would have allowed non-resident parking at $5 a day or $90 a month in permitted areas, with non-resident stickers, and would have regulated the issuance of non-resident parking fees and provided fines for people who attach fake stickers to their vehicles. The adopted ordinances provide definitions of terms and did not provide for any changes in existing regulations. They were adopted as scheduled. Safe streets At a recent ceremony, AAA North Jersey presented Glen Rock Police Department officials with an Award of Excellence. The AAA award recognizes communities with outstanding traffic safety programs. Glen Rock is known for its effective traffic safety enforcement and education program. Some of the major activities conducted in the community include the use of a traffic safety message trailer, a program to assist residents with child safety seat installations, and strict enforcement of all motor vehicles. Pictured are Chief Frederick Stahman, Sergeant Frank Riggio, AAA North Jersey Vice President James Dobi, and Officer Scott McGovern. HUGE ON SALE! SALE! EVERY ITEM CUSTOMER N IO APPRECIAT Adrian Jewelers 3 DAYS LEFT! 30 40 50 OFF %%Holiday Hours: Mon-Wed 9:30-8 Christmas Eve 9-5 Closed Christmas Day Last Minute Shopping Great Selection of Gifts & Wishes % Donate canned and boxed food items and earn extra points. All major credit cards accepted North Jersey Food Bank 637 Wyckoff Ave • Wyckoff, NJ • 201-891-5588 FREE ENGRAVING • FREE LAYAWAY WE BUY GOLD!!!