Glen Rock December 23, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 3 Council questioned on Ridgewood sewage deal by John Koster Two Glen Rock residents asked the borough council to explain how Ridgewood was allowed to admit private septic contractors to the Ridgewood sewage treatment plant on a fee-paid basis without the approval of the Glen Rock Council or input from Glen Rock residents. Andrew Brown, a Glen Rock man from Dean Street, asked if the council had known in advance about the Ridgewood plan – now adopted – to accept limited amounts of commercial sewage from private contractors for treatment in the plant Ridgewood owns and operates on land located within the borders of Glen Rock, but owned by Ridgewood. “If we had heard about this, we would have asked some questions about it,” Brown said. Anne Greene, another Glen Rock resident, also said she would have liked to have known about Ridgewood’s plan before it was enacted. “I was a Ridgewood resident for 23 years before I moved to Glen Rock, and Ridgewood always does what’s right – for Ridgewood,” she said. Glen Rock Mayor John van Keuren and several council members told Brown and Greene that they had not met with Ridgewood officials about the plan before it was enacted, and understood the Glen Rock residents’ concerns. Glen Rock Borough Administrator Lenora Benjamin acknowledged that she had heard the plan mentioned at a conference on a theoretical basis, but had not been aware of the impending formal vote. Councilman Mike O’Hagan said he understood the Glen Rock residents’ positions, but since Ridgewood owns the land located within Glen Rock, there would not have been much the borough could have done about the plan, even if they had been notified. With the council concurring, Mayor van Keuren said he would ask a Ridgewood official to appear at a Glen Rock meeting, at a date to be announced, to explain the details of the plan. However, the mayor confirmed Ridgewood statements that the Glen Rock Council had been informed of the 21 percent increase in the Ridgewood Water Company rates, which has also been formalized. Ridgewood Water supplies tap water to Glen Rock, Midland Park, Wyckoff, and Ridgewood, and contracts testing facilities to a number of other communities in or near Northwest Bergen County. Ridgewood Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser had explained to the Ridgewood Council and the handful of residents present that the delivery of septic waste from private contractors would be monitored closely and that the Ridgewood plant had had no reported odor problems in recent times. He added that the plant operators had the right to refuse any load that was not properly under control. 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