Ridgewood August 26, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 7 Concerns expressed over delay of action on Graydon by John Koster Ridgewood philanthropist David Bolger recently told the Ridgewood Council he is concerned about the delay in submitting a request for proposals on the plans to refurbish Graydon Pool. “I have no interest in muddling up the affairs of the council, but I am tired of the ongoing delays and interruptions of the planning and approval process, including the eight week delay now requested by the PGC,” Bolger said in a letter to the council. He was referring to the Preserve Graydon Committee, whose members want a lake-like pool with improved water filtration and not a multi-pool complex with concrete walls. “I fail to see the PGC and the RPP (the Ridgewood Pool Project) reaching any real compromise,” Bolger said. “The objectives of both groups are completely different, and in my opinion are not within the possibilities of any compromise.” He added, “The PGC does not bother to provide any professional guidance regarding the Graydon Pool Complex; they reject any possible guidance and thereby threaten the entire Graydon Pool Complex project. “Thus, I don’t foresee the PGC being successful in their attempts to thwart the efforts of the RPP, but we will only know this with the passage of time.” Bolger, who is not financially involved in the renovation of the pool, endorsed the plans of the Ridgewood Pool Project for a $10 million complex with four separate pools, including a rectangular conventional pool, a smaller lakelike pool, and two children’s pools. He said the RPP plans would be financially viable if the plans attracted 6,000 members at $150 per member, and recommended that membership be limited to Ridgewood residents. Residents of other communities, including Midland Park and Ho-HoKus, have been invited to join Graydon in recent years. The principals of the Ridgewood Pool Project had worked on these plans for three years, and submitted an initial plan for an even more ambitious $13.9-million renovation, which received support from some residents, and opposition from other residents, who referred to it as a water park. A PGC blog alleged that Bolger was behind the RPP renovation. However, Ridgewood and RPP officials confirmed that Bolger had only been involved for about six weeks, rather than three years, and was not a party to the $13.9-million plan. When a number of PGC supporters attended a council meeting at which the governing body expected to approve a request for proposals for Graydon, Councilman Patrick Mancuso suggested a committee be formed to attempt to arrive at universally acceptable plans. Marcia Ringel, one of the leaders of PGC, asked for additional time even after the meeting proposed for Sept. 9 so that her group could have a chance to study whatever proposal is reached. Bolger, who has reviewed the plans in technical and fiscal detail, said the state and federal water standards mandating a serious change in the pool would not just go away. He asserts that the PGC is engaged in a stall tactic rather than constructive criticism. “The rules and regulations of the DEP and State of New Jersey Health Codes are, in and of themselves, state and federal regulations and cannot be manipulated,” Bolger said. “If anything, these regulations/restrictions may become tighter despite all the ranting and raving.” Recreation officials have not endorsed either plan, but concur that something has to be done about the challenged water quality in Graydon as soon as possible. Ladies Night Out set The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce is planning a Ladies Night Out for Thursday, Sept. 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. Participants will sharpen their culinary techniques with an evening of hands-on cooking. Meet and greet other businesswomen and learn new culinary skills instructed by The Ridgewood Culinary Studio. Food will be provided by Whole Foods. Attendees will participate in preparing fall appetizers, a hardy stew, desserts, and coffee/tea. 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