Ridgewood August 19, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 5 Pool debate parameters expand; committee forming by John Koster The Ridgewood Village Council has formalized plans to form a committee to discuss future plans for Graydon Pool at last week’s public meeting, as Marcia Ringel, co-chair of the Preserve Graydon Coalition, asked for more time to respond to proposals by the Ridgewood Pool Project. The committee will include Mayor David Pfund, Councilman Patrick Mancuso, recreation officials, and two members from each of Ridgewood’s pool-related groups. The first meeting will take place shortly. Ringel asked, however, that no action be taken at, or immediately after, the Sept. 9 hearing, originally fixed as the date for the council’s vote on the Ridgewood Pool Project’s plans. Ringel said she wanted the Preserve Graydon Coalition to have a chance to respond to the finalized plans, suggesting that a month to six weeks would be fair. Council members said they wanted to move ahead, but only after they had heard from both sides. “The intent is to move as quickly as possible, but to make sure that both sides are heard,” Mancuso said. Linda McNamara, a resident active in recreation, said she had moved to Ridgewood many years ago and had been delighted to see a sand beach pool rather than a concrete pool. She said she hoped the natural look of Graydon could be saved. Jerry Ramona, a Paramus resident, said he and another water purification contractor in the audience, who did not speak, were prepared to meet with the council and offer them options in water filtration that could alleviate some of the problems with water quality at Graydon. Water quality has been blamed as the main reason for dwindling registration and attendance at Graydon. Mayor Pfund referred the contractors to the committee that is now forming. The Ridgewood Pool Project, which has been studying the problems for three years, has advocated construction of a four-pool complex at a bonded cost of $10 million to be defrayed by increased admission fees. A competitive style pool, a smaller lake-like pool, and two children’s pools are tentatively proposed. Some residents liked this plan and said they would pay increased fees for cleaner water and more varied swimming. Others called it “a water park in their backyards.” The Preserve Graydon Coalition, organized a few months ago in response to a $13.9 million pool complex plan that was scrapped and followed by the current (continued on page 8) It’s a family affair Matthew Bombace, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two combat tours in Iraq, took his oath as a professional firefighter at the Ridgewood Village Council meeting on Aug. 12. Bombace, son of Fire Captain Mark Bombace and nephew of Fire Chief Jim Bombace, was praised by Mayor David Pfund for his courageous dedication both to his country and his community. Pfund enthusiastically claimed that Ridgewood has the best fire department and the best police department in the state.