Page 10 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II, III & IV • August 5, 2009 Summer Home Improvement Closet clean out: Get your clothes in shape (ARA) The average closet offers a not-so-roomy 5-foot by 2-foot amount of space. For many people, that is not a lot of room to work with when it comes to storing all their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Given changing fashion trends and seasons, closets can be some of the most cluttered spaces in the home. Summer is the ideal time to get yours clean and organized. “The goal of an organized closet should center on the ability to open the door and, in one quick look, see everything you own,” according to Katie Baker Jones, fashion merchandising instructor at The Art Institutes International in Kansas City. “This makes that crucial decision of what to wear immensely easier.” “Fashion is meant to change, so embrace it,” she adds. Baker Jones advises getting rid of any articles of clothing that haven’t been worn in the past year. One option for letting go is to donate your clothes to local charities like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. If clothes are fairly aged, another option to consider is donating them to a college. Some colleges collect clothing pieces from past decades for fashion students to study and gain insight into trends. Another tip: If you are still using wire hangers, replace them with plastic ones, which are better for your clothes. Baker Jones explains that the soft curves of plastic hangers ensure better draping of gar- ments. Using plastic hangers also gives clothes some room to breathe, thus reducing wrinkles and making garments easier to find. Tired at the end of a long day? While flipping your shoes off may seem like the most convenient thing to do, don’t. “Adding a shoe rack to a door or the floor of a closet is another cheap way to utilize closet space while at the same time protecting your shoe investment,” said Baker Jones. Commenting on the storage of winter clothing, she added, “Never sprinkle moth balls directly into a box of unprotected clothing or allow textiles to come in direct contact with untreated wood. If you have the space, just keep your wool garments in your closet, but rotate them to the back.” One last thing before you start your closet makeover: avoid using chemicals when cleaning out any closet. Any chemical you use has the potential to get on your clothing and damage the textile or irritate your skin. By following these simple guidelines, cleaning out your closet will be as easy as a summer breeze. Soon you’ll be on your way to expanding your closet’s potential and protecting your wardrobe at the same time. Serving North Jersey for 50 Years    Carpet Hardwood Tile   Area Rugs Window Fashions 1030 GOFFLE ROAD HAWTHORNE, NJ 973-427-7900 STORE HOURS: • Mon & Fri 9-6 • Tues, Wed & Thurs 9-8 • Sat 9-5