Franklin Lakes September 30, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 5 Public hearing on Omaha Way subdivision reopened by Frank J. McMahon About 30 Franklin Lakes residents who attended the last borough planning board meeting convinced the board to reopen the public hearing on an application by Mark Built Homes. The proposal calls for the subdivision of a 14-acre property at the end of Omaha Way into three lots. Jerome Vogel, the attorney for Mark Built Homes, objected to reopening the hearing, which was closed last June. He claimed the residents who attended the last meeting had been misinformed about the number of trucks that will be required to remove the soil and rock from the site. “This subdivision only requires 38 trucks,” Vogel said. “That’s all we are talking about tonight.” He explained that the concern about the number of trucks that might be required was based on the premise that all three lots in the subdivision would be built at the same time. He said, “The likelihood of all of them being built at the same time is non-existent, so it’s a real red herring. It’s not going to happen. I want the public to understand there’s only 38 trucks, that’s all we’re here for.” The board, however, agreed to reopen the public hearing on the subdivision application. Planner Joseph Medici cautioned that, while the subdivision will require 38 truckloads of soil and rock to be removed from the site, approval of this subdivision would open the door to removing the soil and rock from each lot that is developed, whether in three, five, or 10 years, and that would require about 1,800 truck loads. “So we would be opening the door to allow 1,800 trucks to come down the mountain,” Medici said, “maybe in two to four years, but it will lead to 1,800 trucks. Once you grant the subdivision, you can’t stop building on those lots.” Vogel responded to Medici, saying his client is only developing three lots. He explained that the Cheyenne Drive cul-de-sac could have been extended to access this site, and if it were extended, there would have been a need for 2,000 to 3,000. “When you have an agenda, Joe, be fair,” Vogel told Medici. One of the residents who addressed the board was John Murray, who lives on Cheyenne Drive adjacent to the property to be developed. He said he was concerned about the impact of the subdivision on his property, and explained that the project calls for a “tremendous amount of excavation,” which could be ongoing for many years. Murray said he thought it might be difficult to sell his house while it is next to a partially excavated site. 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