Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • September 23, 2009 Midland Park The Borough of Midland Park is asking Public Service Electric & Gas Co. (PSE&G) to perform an energy audit to determine areas of potential energy savings. Town hall, Memorial Library, the DPW/Firehouse and the DePhillips Center would be included. According to Borough Administrator Michelle Dugan, the utility’s consultants will come into the buildings, do the audit and make recommendations. After a review, the council would decide which suggestions to act upon, weighing the cost to implement them against what the potential savings would be. PSE&G does the audit for free and would pay for 80 percent of the cost of implementing the recommended measures. The costs are reimbursed from the new federal economic stimulus program. The borough would be responsible for the remaining 20 per- Borough asks PSE&G for energy audit cent. The administrator explained that the DePhillips Center was included because even though it was very recently renovated and already includes geothermal heating, it was felt that there might still be further opportunities for energy efficiencies. Dugan said that the borough had an audit done in the late 1990s and changed some light fixtures for maximum lighting efficiency at that time. “It’s now 10 years later, so it’s a good time to take another look. Obviously, there have been technological changes since then, and we may have new opportunities for savings,” Dugan said. Refrigeration, heating/ventilating/air conditioning and lighting upgrades would all be considered. PSE&G does not promise that the audit will A Hawthorne resident who was company controller at Precision Multiple Controls in Midland Park has been arrested and charged with theft by deception. Scott F. Riker, 40, was arrested this month following an investigation by members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office’s White Collar Crime Unit under the direction of Chief Joseph Macallaro and members of the Midland Park Police Department under the direction of Chief John Casson. According to a press release issued by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the Midland Park Police Department contacted the county concerning Riker, who allegedly Hawthorne man charged with theft by deception transferred approximately $150,000 from his employer’s business account to his personal bank account. Riker was hired in January, and allegedly began stealing funds from his employer in March. According to the release, the investigation revealed that, in August 2007, Riker had been sentenced to probation in Bergen County for a similar crime, and allegedly stole from his current employer to make restitution to his prior victim. Riker reportedly wired money to his personal bank account and attempted to cover the wire transfers by disguising them on the accounting records as payments to vendors. Riker’s bail was set at $75,000 with no 10 percent option. Darren Zecher Lilly of Precision Multiple Controls said Riker had no signature authority, no access to the company’s Internet banking, and wire transfers were not authorized from this certain account, yet through a third party com- identify any or all energy savings measures that may be suitable for the buildings, nor does it warrant that if the recommendations of the audit are implemented, energy savings will be realized. Dugan said that she was also exploring with Public Service the possibility of including the proposed improvements to town hall in the study. “We want to see if there are opportunities for us to take advantage of the new program since they entail renovations to an existing facility,” she said. Dugan said she did not know how soon the audit would be done but added that if it is completed within the next couple of months, the timing would be right for including funds in the capital budget to implement the recommendations. Funding (continued from page 6) According to the borough code, the planning board has the power and duty to make and adopt, and from time to time amend a master plan, for the physical development of the borough, including any areas outside its boundaries which, in the board’s judgment, bear essential relation to the planning of the borough. The money provided by this ordinance will allow the board to exercise that authority. puter he was able to request that one bank transfer money to his personal checking account. Lilly said she asked how the transfer was made, and a bank official said the controller had the routing number and the account number. However, she noted that both of these numbers are printed at the bottom of every check. Lilly urged business owners to spot check their accounts and their reconciliations, look at all the checks or images when they are returned with the statement, and to report suspicious activity to the police. “We think this is a big city crime,” Lilly said, adding, “It’s happening everyday in Bergen County in every size business.” Bergen County Prosecutor John L. 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