Page 18 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • September 9, 2009 �������������������������� The State of New Jersey recently required the local municipalities to adopt and enforce the state mandated Stormwater Management Act regulations. The aim is to prevent water pollution at the local level. The primary New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulation for storm water management prohibits property owners from placing leaves, litter, or debris on or along the paved roadway. In addition, leaves cannot be placed closer than 10 feet from a sewer catch basin. The reason for this is to prevent leaves, litter, and other debris from entering the catch basins. Debris that enters the storm sewer system impacts New Jersey’s lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean. Every resident is urged to take special care to reduce the amount of pollutants in our drinking water. There are several simple things everyone can do on a daily basis to protect the quality of local drinking water. Place all litter in trash receptacles. Never throw litter, such as cigarette butts, in the street or down storm drains. Recycle as much as possible. Avoid overusing fertilizers and do not apply them before a heavy rainfall is expected. Fertilizers contain nitrates and phosphates that cause algae blooms that can cause fish kills. Recycle all used motor oil; never dump used motor oil into storm drains or on the ground. Used motor oil contains toxic chemicals. If you wash your car at home, use a non-phosphate detergent and wash it on the grass to minimize runoff. If you use a commercial car wash, try to find one that recycles its wash water. Pick up after pets and dispose of waste in the garbage or toilet. Animal waste contains bacteria and viruses that can contaminate shellfish and cause the closing of bathing beaches. Use organic alternatives to pesticides whenever possible. Many products that kill pests also are toxic to humans, animals, aquatic organisms, and plants. Do not discard hazardous products with regular household trash. Products such as paint thinners, mothballs, or drain and oven cleaners contain toxic ingredients when improperly used or discarded. Use natural or less toxic alternatives whenever possible. Avoid adding grease, household hazardous products, and solids to your septic system. Inspect your system annually; pump it out every three to five years depending on its use. An Wyckoff Sale Days! Sept. 10, 11, 12 Take action to keep the community’s water clean improperly working septic system can contaminate ground water and cause public health problems. eurica Storewide Sale Sept. 10, 11, & 12 Sale does not include special orders • No gift wrap on sale items Hair, hair everywhere 648 Wyckoff Avenue • Wyckoff NJ 201-848-5633  Georgie of Wyckoff organized a community service project for Locks of Love. She donated 18 ½ inches of her hair and had donated 13 ½ inches four years ago. Six other people joined Georgie in donating their hair for a total of over 7 ½ feet of hair collected. Shear Perfection Hair Studio of Wyckoff generously donated their services, along with donations from Goldberg Bagels, Wyckoff Bakery and Wyckoff Florist. It was amazing to see the community come together for a wonderful charity. Top: front row-Stephanie, Jessica, Georgie and Melanie. Back row-Lee, Owner Jack, stylists Clair and Peggy. Above: A total of over 7 ½ feet of hair collected. All Retail Products WITH THIS AD 20% OFF Hair Design The Wireless Open During Construction (AKA The Smart Phone Center) Store GREAT BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS 201-560-1100 • 327A Franklin Ave • Wyckoff (Boulder Run Shopping Center) ������������������������������� 837 WYCKOFF AVENUE, WYCKOFF, NJ 201-891-2550 • BEST PRICE • BEST SERVICE • LOCAL STORE