Page 10 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • September 2, 2009 FLOW Area District’s new superintendent ready for school year by Frank J. McMahon Dr. C. Lauren Schoen is set to begin her first academic year as superintendent of the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District. Schoen, who began her term on July 20, recently said she found the district “well kept and well maintained.” She added that both Ramapo and Indian Hills high schools have excellent reputations and she is looking forward to the new school year. “I’m looking forward to working with all the people in the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District who have made this district as successful as it has become,” Schoen said. During a recent interview, Schoen said her long term goals for the district are to increase student achievement and the use of technology, and to improve the district’s advanced and proficient scores on the High School Proficiency Assessment tests in language arts literacy and mathematics while decreasing the number of students who show partial proficiency on those tests. She also said she recognizes the important role that athletics and extracurricular activities play in a well rounded school program, and she wants to prepare the students for the global economy and the global job market. “I hope to see students better prepared for the global job market,” Schoen said, “so they will succeed.” Schoen also described some new initiatives that will be introduced in the district during this coming school year, including courses in Italian IV, graphic design, and Advanced Placement-level statistics. In addition, a new college planning software program called Naviance will be introduced, which will allow the district to send mid-year reports, including course recommendations and transcripts to college placement officers. Another program Schoen expects to institute this coming year is an e-mail system with parents that will increase communication and reduce paperwork. Schoen said she is aware that both high schools are in the top 75 in the state, but she emphasized that school rank is one of many gauges used to determine how the district is doing in comparison with others. “School ranking and college placements are all tied into student achievement,” Schoen said. Wayne Peterson, the district’s school board president, welcomed Schoen saying, “We are extremely pleased to have someone with the capabilities of Dr. Schoen in our district and we are looking forward to the improvements we expect from her focus on student achievement.” The school board unanimously selected Schoen as superintendent in May. At the time, she said, “I am looking forward to working with board of education members, faculty, students and the supportive FLOW community, who have all contributed to the success of the Ramapo Indian Hills School District. I am proud to be a part of such an outstanding school district.” Schoen attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, but decided to pursue a career in education. After receiving an honorable discharge from the academy, Schoen earned an undergraduate degree in education from William Paterson University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education and political science. After graduation, Schoen taught at the Wandell School in Saddle River. During that time, she earned her master’s degree in administration and supervision at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City. Shortly after receiving her master’s, Schoen accepted a position as vice principal at Jefferson Township Middle School in Oak Ridge. Two years later, she was hired as principal of Lincoln School in Hasbrouck Heights. She went on to serve as assistant superintendent for curriculum in that district. In 2002, Schoen was appointed superintendent in the Rochelle Park school district and, in January 2006, Schoen earned her doctoral degree from Seton Hall University in K-12 administration and supervision. She is also an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University co-teaching a doctoral course on educational leadership. Ramapo Indian Hills serves students from Franklin Lakes, Oakland, and Wyckoff. The Franklin Lakes Planning Board has approved variances for three signs on the Hudson City Savings Bank building on Franklin Avenue. Approval was granted for a sign above the overhang at the drive through lanes, for a two-sided “enter” sign at the driveway, and for the sign panel around the drive-up automated teller machine on the west side of the building. That panel provides safety information and the names of the cards accepted at that ATM. Permits had previously been granted for Planning board approves variances for bank signs the bank identification sign on the existing brick and concrete base at the front of the property, the bank emblem over the window on the front of the building, a new sign on the rear of the overhang of the drive-through lanes identifying the clearance, and a small banking hour sign next to the front doors on the east side of the building. The bank agreed to not install an additional non-illuminated sign with the bank’s emblem and name on the east façade of the building and to allow that permit to be (continued on page 16) Stay on top of commercial building maintenance The Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce ��������������� ���������� ��� � � � � � � � � � � � � � ����������� Building Exterior Consultants, L.L.C. “Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions”  Roof Surveys  Waterproofing Surveys  Roof Evaluations  Moisture Surveys  Specification Development  Project Management  Construction Management  Due Diligence Jose A. 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