October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 7 for Wyckoff Township Committee ROONEY/DEPHILLIPS CAMPAIGN PLATFORM On November 3rd, Vote for the Rooney-DePhillips ticket for Wyckoff Township Committee The choice is between our proven leadership and our opponents who are running a negative campaign. IF ELECTED TO THE TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE, WE PLEDGE TO: • Make decisions based upon what is in the best interests • Work with and support residents who give back to the of the town, not the agenda of any one group. community through service on town commissions and boards, instead of blindly criticizing them. • Build consensus based upon all voices in town, not just a vocal minority. • Build bridges, build trust and be solution-oriented, not divisive. • Speak the truth: a vocal minority is trying to convince you that the Zoning Board of Adjustment had something • Address the numerous issues facing the town, not to do with the decisions at Boulder Run -- nothing could just a single issue of concern to a vocal lobbying be further from the truth. organization. We • Speak the truth: The Planning Board had jurisdiction over the Boulder Run development, not the Zoning Board of Adjustment, which Mr. Rooney chairs. • Celebrate our community through establishment of an annual Wyckoff Day, instead of just complaining about everything allegedly wrong with our town. • Keep municipal taxes low, our budget stable and our town safe for our children. are the candidates looking to protect the future of Wyckoff, not a ticket devoted to finding fault with the past. We are the candidates who embrace everything positive that Wyckoff has to offer our community. The choice is clear VOTE FOR THE TEAM OF ROONEY AND DEPHILLIPS ON NOVEMBER 3 (COLUMN 2) Contact us at: rooney_dephillips@yahoo.com Paid for by Rooney DePhillips for Wyckoff Township Committee