October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 21 Letters to the Editor (continued from page 22) players responsible for granting all the zoning variances to builders and developers in Wyckoff, making Wyckoff a builder’s paradise of recent years. Mr. DePhillips is a lawyer and a registered lobbyist. The last lawyer we had on the township committee negotiated with the developer to get us the horror we all see at Boulder Run, right smack dab in the middle of our once bucolic township. Now they’re jumping on the “what’s popular” bandwagon, claiming they’re all for open space. Where were they when Diane Sobin, Brian Hubert, and the other members of Friends of Wyckoff initiated the petition that allowed voters to decide if a municipal Open Space Fund was right for Wyckoff? After Wyckoff voters approved the fund, where were they when Diane, Brian, and The Friends implored our township committee to convene a specific Open Space Committee? Mr. Rooney and Mr. DePhillips, the good people of Wyckoff don’t deserve politicians jumping on the “what’s popular” bandwagon and telling us what you think we want to hear. Shame on you. Martin Costello Wyckoff Dear Editor: It’s been said that a candidate’s platform is the principal factor every voter should consider when deciding how to vote. I will take it a step further and say you need to consider a candidate’s honesty, integrity, and previous record. Chis DePhillips and Kevin Rooney should have your vote for Wyckoff Township Committee on election day. Their platform relects the feedback they have been receiving from township residents: education and recreation for our children, responsible development, and a stable municipal budget and support for our seniors. They have a deep affection, a good work ethic, and strong committment to Wyckoff and its citizens. It’s also been said that if you want a job done right, you do it yourself. When it comes to voting, nothing could be more true. If we want our elected leaders to do what we expect them to do, its up to each of us to go to the polls and exercise our civic responisbility. Chris DePhillips and Kevin Rooney will continue to be leaders who welcome and listen to the imput of others. I urge you to do your part on Nov. 3 and vote! Drita McNamara Wyckoff Dear Editor: It is a pleasure to add my voice to the many who are supporting Kevin Rooney and Chris DePhillips for township committee on Nov. 3. These fine gentlemen are running a positive campaign, reaching out to voters and engaging the town in a dialogue about the issues that matter to our community. As a former mayor of Wyckoff, and a former teacher, I can say with confidence that Kevin and Chris are devoted to public service and seriously consider the needs of all the residents of Wyckoff, including our children. Whether they are discussing the town’s needs in the areas of education, land use management, fiscal responsibility or recreation, these candidates have shown that they have a command of the critical issues and are ready to lead Wyckoff over the next three years. They are the candidates who can best address the complexities of open space preservation because they have the experience, the temperament, and the communication skills to build trust among our citizenry. Regrettably, the other ticket is running a negative campaign. They continue to look backward to assign blame for the Ravine and Boulder Run controversies, neither of which involved Kevin or Chris. Moreover, Sobin-Hubert would somehow have you believe that only they are permitted to “own” the open space issue and only they have the right to care about open space preservation. This is a democracy. A campaign is intended to be an exchange of positive ideas, not a reflection of anger or resentment. Undeterred, Kevin and Chris are taking the high road, will continue to look to the future and will work with all of the citizens of Wyckoff to build a prosperous future for our community while simultaneously honoring the work of previous generations whose stewardship created and maintained the fine town we are proud to call home. Please vote for Kevin and Chris. Each with four chil- dren, they continue to be actively engaged in many volunteer positions within the town, they are fine family men, and they will be excellent members of the township committee and staunch advocates for the families and citizens of Wyckoff. Nancy B. Drabik Wyckoff Dear Editor: Reading the campaign platforms of the two sets of candidates running for Wyckoff Township Committee on Nov. 3, it’s not so easy to discern a difference. One needs to know the full background of the candidates’ previous involvement in the issues to make an informed choice. Control of property taxes, preservation of open space, and proper handling of development are at the top of the list of issues. I am enthusiastically endorsing Brian Hubert, my running mate last fall, and Diane Sobin for Wyckoff Township Committee. The primary reason I am support Brian and Diane is because they have been actively involved in the key issues affecting Wyckoff and we know where they stand. Both Brian Hubert and Diane Sobin not only signed the petition which put the open space trust fund on the ballot in 2006, they both personally secured hundreds of signatures and campaigned actively for its passage. They are not Johnny-come-lately candidates jumping on a bandwagon. Wyckoff’s open space trust fund puts it in a better position to secure county open space grant money to purchase Russell Orchards. Brian Hubert and Diane Sobin also have also openly expressed concern about the development issues affecting Wyckoff. Neither of them owns any property in Wyckoff besides the homes they live in. Beyond politics, both have been active volunteers in other areas, including as coaches and for our schools. Displaying a refreshing lack of arrogance and knowing they must be responsive to residents’ concerns, Brian Hubert and Diane Sobin have also shown both good judgment and high character. Following a policy Brian Hubert and I followed last fall, the Hubert-Sobin campaign is accepting no contributions from county or state political organization, township employees, or from firms doing business with the township. Party affiliation matters very little at the local level. Brian Hubert will be listed in Column 1 on Election Day, and Diane Sobin will be listed as an independent in Column 3. No matter whom you vote for in the governor’s or freeholders’ races on Nov. 3, I encourage you to vote for Brian Hubert and Diane Sobin for Wyckoff Township Committee. Brian Scanlan Wyckoff Support for Hubert, Sobin Dear Editor: I am proud to present my endorsement for the RooneyDePhillips ticket for Wyckoff Township Committee on Tuesday, Nov. 3. As a Wyckoff resident, recreation coach, and supporter of preserving Wyckoff’s open space, I encourage all registered voters in Wyckoff to vote for Rooney-DePhillips. Over the years, I have found Kevin and Chris as devoted to Wyckoff’s wonderful quality of life as they are to their family values. I have seen firsthand Kevin and Chris’ efforts and desire to fight for open space preservation and responsible municipal budgeting. They are experienced in balancing the needs of public schools while being mindful of municipal tax obligations. They respect the rights and needs of seniors and veterans and the list goes on. The Rooney/DePhillips mark is also well represented through their combined eight children who reflect the best of Wyckoff is all about: family. Kevin and Chris are my choice for township committee, I hope that they will also be yours! Kenneth Porro Wyckoff Dear Editor: I’ve lived in Wyckoff for the past 19 years, joined and continue to serve Wyckoff as a volunteer fireman and have witnessed numerous changes firsthand. Now as we fast approach election day we have an opportunity to add to the Wyckoff Township Committee, two intelligent, compassionate decision makers in Kevin Rooney and Chris DePhillips. We need local political leaders who have the ability to think through issues concerning open space, increased tax burdens, smart growth, and educating our youth. Kevin and Chris have worked tirelessly for our township through their involvement in our township’s boards, coaching, and education foundations for over the past 10 years. Together, these family men with four children each, know and have accepted with an enthusiastic voice to lead Wyckoff with no set agenda, but rather with an open door-open idea policy. Today as our township faces increased state and federal tax burdens, their ability to take the time to do their homework and fully understand the issues at hand will lead our township forward. I encourage all voters this Nov. 3 to come out and support in a non-partisan manner to elect Kevin Rooney and Chris DePhillips to our Wyckoff Township Committee. Lou Graglia Wyckoff Voting for Rooney and DePhillips Election presents opportunity Consider integrity, record Supporting Republican ticket Engaged? Just Married? Celebrating an Anniversary? Share the news with neighbors and friends! Announce your Special Event in We welcome photographs. Send announcements to: The Villadom TIMES P.O. Box 96, Midland Park, NJ 07432 editorial@villadom.com