Franklin Lakes November 25, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 9 Borough plans to have state remove beavers by Frank J. McMahon Franklin Lakes officials have contacted a New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife affiliated trapper, who plans to remove the beavers that live in the wetlands of the Franklin Lakes Swamp. The work will be done sometime in January or February. The 150-acre swamp is bounded by Indian Trail Drive, Dakota Trail, and Freeman’s Lane, south of Franklin Lake Road in the southern portion of Franklin Lakes. Residents of the area claim the dams built by the beavers have raised the area’s water level, which is encroaching on their properties. The beavers are also damming up the flow of water through a culvert under Indian Trail Drive near its intersection with Dakota Trail, which is about to receive emergency repair to avoid a cave-in of the roadway. Franklin Lakes Borough Administrator Greg Hart confirmed that the borough is working with the state to have the beavers trapped and removed, but the plan to do so is in the early stage of development, and he could not provide more specifics at this time. Residents of Indian Trail Drive recently complained to the planning board about the elevated water table around their homes. They believe the situation is being caused by (continued from page 8) $108,972 for one to five years of service to $119,868 for 25 or more years of service. Patrol officers hired prior to Jan. 1, 1999 will earn between $48,173 up to $113,846 for year one of service up to year 18, while officers in police academy basic training will earn $38,826. The annual salary ordinance that was adopted in June left all salaries in the borough at their 2008 levels, although all employees other than police officers are losing the salary they Salary ordinance would have earned for the 15 days the borough is closing all of its offices during 2009. Last year, some borough employees received four percent raises based on a collective bargaining agreement with the borough that was approved by municipal officials in 2007. That agreement granted four percent raises to those employees for 2006, 2007, and 2008, while most other employees received 3.5 percent raises, and all the raises were retroactive to the previous Jan. 1. the beavers, and they asked the board to capture the animals and relocate them to stop the water encroachment. Planning Board Attorney John Spizziri advised the residents that the planning board has no jurisdiction in the matter, and said they must contact the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and ask them remove the beavers. The borough council has already adopted an ordinance authorizing the emergency repair of the culvert under Indian Trail Drive and, at a recent work session, the council authorized Franklin Lakes Borough Engineer Kevin Boswell to proceed immediately with that repair. Boswell advised the council that there are two corrugated metal pipes under the roadway. One is blocked with structural debris, dirt, and rocks. The other is temporarily blocked, but has been cleaned out by the borough’s department of public works. Boswell said the clogged pipe has caused the swamp to be one foot higher than it is supposed to be, and the other pipe that was cleared is clogging up again either by debris or as a result of the beavers’ activities. Boswell told the council there is a potential for a road failure, and it may be necessary to put steel plates in the road to prevent it from caving in. Based on his assessment, the council voted to have Boswell take whatever action is necessary to immediately repair the road in order to protect the health and safety of the public. ������������������������������ Boilers Repaired or Replaced in One Day • Oil Tank Abatement • Chimney Liners • Water Heaters • Sewers & Drains • Cast Iron Gas Fired Boilers ����������������������������������������� ������������������ HOLIDAY SPECIAL 30% Off Initial Visit valid thru 12/31/09 Think Eastern.... Shiatsu/Acupressure Therapy Body at its Best!! Chiropractic Wellness Center ������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������� Serious stress relief and energy balancing all in one therapy! A therapeutic alternative to Swedish massage. 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