Page 16 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • May 20, 2009 Franklin Lakes Car Show & Flea Market Another year, another Panicucci family road trip by Ron Panicucci The Panicuccis recently completed their “30th Panicucci Family Adventure Vacation,” and many of our readers have been waiting to hear what they did this year (2008). While planning for this year, Joanne said “I want to go to Maine, JUST MAINE.” As a result, the miles covered were only one-half to one-third those covered in previous trips (1998 miles), but Ron managed to stretch it out to cover a visit to Vermont on the way home. He initially considered a return trip to Nova Scotia, and then really stretching it to Newfoundland, but given the weak dollar, decided to keep it close to home. The adventure covered 14 days including visits to Old Orchard Beach, Portland, Freeport, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park and the West Forks, Maine; and Montpelier and Burlington, Vermont for some Cabot Cheese, a granite quarry, maple syrup, Ben and Jerry’s (of course) and Vermont Teddy Bears. Despite a lot of cloudy days and showers, the only real effect on Ron’s rigorous itinerary was some shifted beach days, and when they did get to the beaches, they sat in the clouds or fog and froze. With high temperatures in the low 70s, they had very comfortable days for touring and activities. In terms of new and adventurous stops, while at L.L. Bean in Freeport, they signed up for a clay shooting adventure and were bused to a local farm where everyone learned to shoot clay birds with shotguns. With four girls in the household who are now experienced shooters, Ron must now really stay out of trouble. Also, while in northwestern Maine for some whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, they spent an evening with a guide traversing the network of gravel logging roads on a moose safari and managed to find two. Top: Michele, Joanne, Melissa, Jessica, and Ron with a rebuilt Cowmobile. Above: An antique car dealer across from the family’s hotel in Scarborough, Maine. Right: Ron ‘squashed’ at L.L. Bean. Unfortunately Maine and Vermont did not produce any new culinary oddities to bring home this year, but they did enjoy their share of lobsters and were pleasantly surprised with the number of great Bar-B-Q places they found. A county and state fair were also stumbled upon along the route, and a visit was made for some fried dough, a Guitar Hero competition, and of course, demolition derby. They also managed to sample nine different Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors and see the famed “Cowmobile” used to promote the ice cream on a crosscountry trip. Roadside America type attractions included Lenny the life-size chocolate moose in Scarborough and the Desert of Maine in Freeport. While continuing to patronize the Choice Hotels chain when possible on all the trips, Ron added several destinations to the lyrics he’s compiling to show up Johnny Cash and be featured on the “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man” commercials.