Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • March 25, 2009 Attention: WYCKOFF AND RAMAPO EDUCATORS For years YOU have received job benefits most other employees seldom see: � � � � � � � Steady predictable employment Regular pay increases – well above the rate of inflation Comprehensive health coverage – medical, dental, vision No deductible – little or no co-pay Generous guaranteed pension Liberal vacation and holiday policy Generous sick leave Current economic conditions are squeezing citizens who have paid escalating taxes that have provided you with those job benefits. � MANY TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN LAID OFF WITHOUT INCOME TO PAY BILLS, MORTGAGES, ETC. � RETIREES HAVE SEEN THEIR RETIREMENT ASSETS GREATLY DIMINISHED FROM REDUCED INTEREST AND INVESTMENT INCOME � MANY FAMILIES MAY NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SUSTAIN SPIRALING TAXES AND MAY BE FORCED TO MOVE TO A LOWER TAX AREA. � INVESTMENT INCOME HAS BEEN DRASTICALLY REDUCED OR HAS DISAPPEARED THE TIME HAS COME FOR TEACHERS TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AS RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS STEPPING UP TO LIGHTEN THE FINANCIAL BURDEN OF THE LESS FORTUNATE. Renegotiate Now to Reduce Taxes This ad paid by: Wyckoff Home Owners Alliance, P.O. Box 466, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 E-Mail: