Page 20 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II & III • March 11, 2009 The Waldwick Band will present its next concert on Sunday, March 15 at the Crescent School in Waldwick. The 3 p.m. concert will feature soprano Lois Hicks-Wozniak and the Waldwick Band Saxophone Ensemble. Wozniak appears regularly as a vocalist and saxophonist. A graduate of Florida State University, she served as a saxophonist with the United States Military Academy Band at West Point from 1996-2004. She is currently then principal saxophonist of the Ridgewood Concert Band and has premiered several major works for saxophone throughout the United States. As a vocalist, she has performed Broadway, pop, country, jazz and light opera selections in the metropolitan area. At this concert, she will perform Gene Sheer’s “American Anthem” and George Gershwin’s “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess.” Also appearing on the program will be the Waldwick Band Saxophone Ensemble featuring eight saxophones ranging in size from the small soprano saxophone to a Band features vocalist, saxophonists large contrabass saxophone. The ensemble will play the R. E. Rudy’s “Pride of the Saxophones” by as arranged by Scott Robinson and “Sousa One Step” as arranged by Paul Cohen. The band will be directed by Edmund A. Moderacki, who has chosen Kabalevsky’s “Colas Breugnon Overture” and Hersey Kay’s “Cakewalk” as the featured compositions. Other works at the concert will include Morton Gould’s “Pavane,” Percy Grainger’s “Over the Hills and Far Away,” Gershwin’s “Second Prelude” and selections from the Cole Porter’s Broadway hit, “Can Can.” Marches by Karl King, Sousa, and John Klohr, will complete the program. Crescent School is located at 165 Crescent Avenue in Waldwick. There is no admission charge for the concert sponsored by the borough’s department of recreation. Information about the band’s winter season and spring activities can be found at The band’s next concert will be on April 25 at 8 p.m. ARIES - Mar 21/Apr ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 20 This may start out be an unpreThis may start out to to be an unpredictable week. But hold out until dictable week. But hold out until thethe weekend, when a surprise in store weekend, when a surprise is is in store forfor you. The stars are quite favorable you. The stars are quite favorable forfor you now. you now. TAURUS - Apr 21/May TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 21 After days wearing your heart on After days of of wearing your heart on your sleeve, time for a a change your sleeve, it’sit’s time for change of of action. Focus what’s most imporaction. Focus on on what’s most important you, and get started working tant to to you, and get started working toward that goal. toward that goal. GEMINI - May 22/Jun GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 21 You’re in mood to to mingle, joke and You’re in thethe mood mingle, joke and socialize ... and show your amazing socialize ... and show offoff your amazing gift gab, Gemini. Go for it, as all gift of of gab, Gemini. Go for it, as all eyes (and ears) will turned in your eyes (and ears) will be be turned in your direction. direction. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 22 Someone from your past may reappear Someone from your past may reappear unexpectedly. Consider it a stroke unexpectedly. Consider it a stroke of of good fortune. This person has insight good fortune. This person has insight into a situation that has been troubling into a situation that has been troubling you. you. LEO - Jul 23/Aug LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 23 You’re barely able contain the lavYou’re barely able to to contain the lavish, extravagant side of yourself that is ish, extravagant side of yourself that is just waiting break out, Leo. Keep it just waiting to to break out, Leo. Keep it under wraps a a little longer you under wraps forfor little longer or or you may fizzle out. may fizzle out. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 22 You feel like you’ve been forgetting You feel like you’ve been forgetting something important, Virgo. Check something important, Virgo. Check your twice to see if if it sparks your your listlist twice to see it sparks your memory. Otherwise, press memory. Otherwise, press on on and and things will work out. things will work out. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 23 Overindulging is not a nice habit, and Overindulging is not a nice habit, and that’s just what you’ve been to, Lithat’s just what you’ve been up up to, Libra. Put a stop your wild ways, or bra. Put a stop to to your wild ways, or you’re bound drive someone close you’re bound to to drive someone close to you in opposite direction. to you in thethe opposite direction. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 22 You’ve been overprepared for a You’ve been so so overprepared for a major event, you actually have time major event, you actually have time to to kick your heels and relax this week, kick up up your heels and relax this week, Scorpio. Choose spend time with Scorpio. Choose to to spend time with someone special. someone special. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 21 You can a a major problem temporarYou can fixfixmajor problem temporarilyily with little camouflage. But then with a a little camouflage. But then you have seek out thethe root you have to to seek out root of of the problem and address it, Sagitthe problem and address it, Sagittarius. There’s easy way out. tarius. There’s no no easy way out. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 20 You’ve been put charge of a a big You’ve been put in in charge of big project and starting to wear thin. project and areare starting to wear thin. Rest assured that things almost Rest assured that things areare almost over, Capricorn, and rest and relaxover, Capricorn, and rest and relaxation will soon in in your future. ation will soon be be your future. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 18 There is magic wand that will make There is no no magic wand that will make your problems away, Aquarius. The your problems go go away, Aquarius. The only way to so only way to do do so is to confront issues head-on. Scoris to confront thethe issues head-on. Scorpio playsrole. pio plays a a role. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 20 Someone you thought was ally Someone you thought was an an ally will turn out be direct competition. will turn out to to be direct competition. Expect worst and hope for the best, Expect thethe worst and hope for the best, Pisces. Pisces. DVDs (continued from Restaurant page) this one, though not on par with those classics, is fun. Kids will probably enjoy seeing Chloe decked out in foolish outfits her owner thinks are chic. Other voice talent is provided by Placido Domingo, Edward James Olmos, Luis Guzman, and Cheech Marin. Features on the Blu-ray edition include deleted scenes, bloopers, and featurettes on training the dogs and the voices behind the dogs. Also new on Blu-ray is “Gulliver’s Travels” (E1 Entertainment), the 1939 animated feature produced and directed by Max and Dave Fleischer. This was the Fleischers’ response to the enormous success of Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” made the year before. Following the Disney model, the Fleischers pulled out all the stops, shooting in Technicolor and adding songs. A huge staff of artists worked on the picture. This was in the days when animation was done one cel, or picture, at a time, photographed in sequence until a movement and then a scene was created. The process, even then, was costly and “Gulliver’s Travels” helped bring about the Fleischers’ bankruptcy, since box office receipts in no way compared to those for “Snow White.” After a shipwreck, Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and tries to prevent war between that wee kingdom and the equally tiny Blefiscu. He also serves as a kind of matchmaker between the royal heads of both kingdoms, Princess Glory and Prince David, hoping their romance might form an alliance. Fleischer touches include the characters of Gabby, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, who are on hand for comic relief and to hamper Gulliver’s attempts to be peacemaker. Earlier editions of “Gulliver’s Travels” suffered from fading and choppy editing due to the fact that the film had been in the public domain for many years. This Bluray edition, however, is restored and remastered from an original 35-millimeter print and enhanced for 16x9 High Definition. Features include two Gabby cartoons and the Fleischer documentary “The Making of a Cartoon.” Answer to Last Week’s Puzzle Answer to Last Week’s Puzzle