June 24, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 31 Wyckoff Wanderings Library offers teen programs The Wyckoff Library will be offering Talk It Up, a six-week program for teens entering grades seven, eight, and nine. Each week, teens will read one book chosen by Young Adult Librarian Barbara E. Weber, and discuss that book the following week. A twin program, Speak Out, is similarly constructed, but is aimed at teens entering grades 10 through 12. Copies of the first week’s books are already in house. The first book discussion will take place on July 16. Express Yourself @ Your Library, another summer reading program, allows Wyckoff residents who are entering seventh, eighth, or ninth grade to track their summer reading. Prizes will be awarded as the summer progresses. Registration begins July 1, and the program runs through Aug. 27. The library will also offer arts-and-craft programs for Wyckoff teens, including printmaking with local artist Sharon Gross, and origami with Linda Bogan, an expert in the art of paper folding. Small groups of teens are also invited to work together to refabricate an existing story. Further programs are still in planning stages. Call (201) 358-8024 or wyckya@bccls.org for additional information. Garofalo named to Dean’s List Danielle Garofalo, daughter of Donna and Manny Garofalo of Wyckoff, has been named to the Dean’s List at Fairfield University for the spring 2009 semester. Garofalo has graduated magna cum laude with a major in accounting. Seniors plan events The Wyckoff Seniors Club meets every Tuesday at the Larkin House, 380 Godwin Avenue. Upcoming events include a Thimble Island Cruise and lunch at the Chowder Pot in Brandford, Connecticut on July 28. The group will be off on a Rip Van Winkle Flyer Luncheon Train ride through the Catskills on July 28. Club program begins with ‘Wizard of Oz’ All children are invited to join the summer reading club at the Wyckoff Library. Stop in the children’s room any time beginning Thursday, June 25. There will be plenty of reading incentives and activities, including theatrical and music performances, art and weaving workshops, storytelling, magic and variety shows, and Mr. Fish’s amazing anti-gravity show. All programs require in-person registration. The first program will be a performance of “The Wizard of Oz” by Youth Stages on Tuesday, July 7 at 2 p.m. Registration for this program begins Thursday, June 25 in the children’s room. Be sure to check out the library website for our full calendar of events or call the library at (201) 891-4866 for all details. 63rd YEAR OUR Burglar (continued from page 9) Silletti emphasized that De La Carrera must make full restitution to his 13 victims during his probationary period and that means he must find work and pay back the $152,274 estimated value of the goods he burglarized. “People convicted of crimes still are able to get jobs,” Silletti explained, “and he has to pay them back. He has to hold down a job no matter what. That’s not an option. He’s got to pay these people back.” A payment schedule will be worked out as part of his probation, Silletti advised. He has to work as part of his probation and, if he does not make the payments, he will violate his probation and a judge could issue an order to garnish his wages or sentence him to additional jail time. “In some way, shape, or form, these victims will get their money back,” Silletti emphasized. Silletti said the plea bargain was the best solution for De La Carrera’s victims because, if he had been brought to trial he could only have received a five to 10 year sentence, most likely seven years, and there is always the risk of a not-guilty verdict or a mistrial, which would extend the time during which the victims would not experience closure of this chapter in their lives. They might also have to testify in court and be subject to cross-examination. “If there was a not-guilty verdict, there would be no restitution,” Silletti said. “So it’s safer this way for the victims.” Luis Ponce, the other burglar who participated in the Franklin Lakes burglary with De La Carrera, had no prior convictions and was charged only with the burglary that occurred in the borough. He also agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced last March to his time served in the county jail. He was put on an immigration services detainer list as an illegal alien so he would remain in jail pending his deportation. De La Carrera and Ponce were captured when a borough resident arrived home and observed an unfamiliar car in her driveway. She then saw two males carrying a bag leave her home and enter the suspicious vehicle. She recorded the car’s license plate number and began to follow the burglars while contacting the police. Borough police officers Robert Lyon and Robert Grassi, under the command of Sergeant Pezzuti and with the assistance of police dispatcher Lynn VerHage, encountered the vehicle on Summit Avenue and signaled for it to stop. However, the driver accelerated with the patrol cars following at a high rate of speed. The police officers pursued the vehicle on Summit Avenue and continued the pursuit onto the southbound lanes of Route 208 until the driver attempted to exit the highway on Fair Lawn Avenue in Fair Lawn and crashed. De La Carrera and Ponce ran from the wrecked vehicle, but were apprehended about a block away after a brief foot chase. When police investigators entered their car, they found a flat screen television, jewelry, and other stolen items. JOE ORDINI POOL SUPERMARKET Now at the Right Price! LADDER SYSTEMS COUPON POOL LIFE $ 39995 POOL ENTRY SYSTEM OPEN IT PAYS TO TRAVEL, WE’LL SAVE YOU MONEY 745 RIVER STREET • PATERSON SUNDAY 4 9- 3 1/2% SALES TAX SHOCK Buy 3 1 lb. bags you get Must present coupon at time of purchase. Exp 6/30/09 DIRECTIONS: Rt. 208 N. or S. to Maple Ave. towards Paterson, go over bridge & straight ahead to the end. Make left onto River St., and continue 2/10 mile to Joe Ordini on the right. 973-684-4647 $ 24995 STEPS COUPON OPEN: MON-FRI 10-6• SAT AND SUN 9-4 CLOSEOUT OF ROUND AND OVAL POOLS GALVANIZED STEEL POOLS With 20 Gauge Liner IATE IMMEDATION L INSTAL ABLE AVAIL 25 Year Warranty REGULAR PRICE INSIDE POOL & LADDER OUTSIDE Must present coupon at time of purchase. 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