Midland Park June 24, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 11 Developer seeks suggestions for Wortendyke site’s use The owner of property in the Wortendyke section of Midland Park slated for townhouse development is looking for a more marketable use of the acre-site. Robert Rigoglioso of Rigs Development I LLC asked the planning board last week for uses the board would like to see on the property, located across Greenwood Avenue from Veterans Plaza. He said he has been unable to get financing for the project which has been approved for the site: a mixed use commercial building fronting on Central Avenue and 12 townhouse units in two buildings fronting on Greenwood Avenue. “I have the land; it’s a good area. I am open to suggestions. I want direction before I take the next step,” Rigoglioso told the board. He said he didn’t want to invest heavily into another proposal, only to be turned down. In the meantime, however, he has applied to the board of adjustment for a use variance to turn the empty lot into a storage yard. He proposes to park cars, commercial trucks and construction equipment on the property, a use his application contends is identical to the use prior to the zone change that permitted the townhouses. The applicant said the townhouse proposal is not marketable to persons who want to sell their houses and downsize. He suggested that smaller, lower priced units, or even rentals, would prove more desirable. He said a condo or rental project with 30 or 40 one-bedroom units might prove more popular. He said this could be accomplished by joining the two proposed buildings together and providing parking underneath. He added that condo developments similar to his in the area had not been able to sell any of the marketprices units, only the Mount Laurel affordable units had been sold. He cited the DePippo Farm development on E. Crescent Avenue in Waldwick as an example. Rigoglioso said perhaps making the entire property commercial would be the way to go, providing an aesthetically-pleasing entrance to town in that location. Attorney Darryl Siss said the applicant could come in for another zone change if he decided to pursue that option. Mayor Joseph Monahan suggested he come in front of the borough council to get further input from public officials. The site was rezoned from industrial to attached single-family dwellings in 2005. It abuts a residential zone of mostly two-family homes built in the early days of the borough’s formation in the 1800s. Construction on the project was originally delayed because half of the property was leased to Verizon as a parking lot for the building the company owns a block away. Rigs Development had initially proposed to build the project in stages to accommodate the lease restriction. In 2007 the application in front of the board of adjustment was bifurcated to allow for the needed bulk variances, which were granted, before proceeding to the design and site plan stage. The site plan application has been pending since last October, but the applicant has not scheduled it for public hearing. Your best smile starts... W/COUPON • Exp. 6/30/09 • Not Combinable ...with healthy teeth and gums Dental Insurers pay for preventive care Twice a year, 100%, no deductibles. Because it works. Because it saves insurance companies money. Preventive care makes sense for insurers. Preventive care makes sense for YOU! Caring for our community for over twenty years 339 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park 201.652.7110 - Hours by Appointment Philip M. Schwartz, D.M.D., Administrator Marcia Popjes-Egedy, D.M.D Custom Pet 6-10-09 pat/janine Sitting CirinoBW2x2(created2/11/08) 2 X 2” GODWIN DENTAL, PA Visit us online at www.tailstoscalesnj.com Check your dental insurance benefits for complete details. Insurance and Credit Cards accepted. For our patients who do not have dental insurance, please discuss preventive care insurance options with our office. 973-513-2884