June 17, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 21 Director (continued from page 5) provide all students with quality educational services and the need to operate within the fiscal limitations facing New Jersey schools.” “This is a very exciting time for me,” commented Gottlieb. “Coming to Midland Park has brought me full circle in my professional career. The district has everything I am looking for as an administrator in special education. After working in quite a large K-8 district in Morris County, Principal (continued from page 5) work through the summer to familiarize myself with the special programs at both schools and discuss ways to enhance them,” she added. A graduate of the State University of NY at Oneonta, with master’s degrees from the College of Staten Island and Montclair State University, Bache participated in a number of innovative initiatives. One program she coordinated at Hillside School was the Olweus Anti-Bullying program in grades 3-8. “This was part of our character education program, which involved a district wide Week of Kindness, anti-bullying lessons, and assembly programs to reinforce kindness, tolerance, and diversity,” she explained. She said she also assisted with curriculum implementation of the school’s balanced literacy program and new math Envision program. “Both Ms. Bache and Ms. (Sheralyn) Gottlieb bring high work ethics to their new posts in Midland Park. I am confident that both will be contributing members to the total administrative team in the district,” said Dr. Heebink, referring not only to the new principal but also to the new director of special services. I wanted to work in a smaller district in Bergen County where I can have one-to-one contact with teachers, administration, staff, and parents on a consistent basis,” she said. Gottlieb said she is familiar with many of the other directors of special services, especially in Region 1, because she worked as the Bergen County Supervisor of Child Study and also served as the director of special services in Mahwah from 1999 to 2003. “I bring fresh new ideas on how we all can work collaboratively bridging general education and special education as one, working towards the goal of the best education for all. With my background with the hearing impaired population, speech and language therapy, and Bergen County Special Services, I am excited to be working side by side with the Hearing Impaired Program and continue to integrate the hearing impaired students with the Midland Park community,” she said. Acknowledging that she had crossed professional paths with Newman many times throughout the years, Gottlieb said, “I feel honored to take over the position he left behind. Our leadership styles and goals for students are very similar.” Asked what assets she would bring to the district, Gottlieb commented: “I hope to bring the use of 21st century technology to the district using updated software programs for IEP development as well as housing student data in order to track trends. The use of assistive technology to benefit all children is another goal to achieve district wide so all students can access the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in order to achieve to the best of their abilities. Maintaining open communication with parents and the school district enhances the educational process for the children, and I am committed to carrying on that process,” she said, adding: “As I transition into the school district, I am looking forward to meeting all my new friends in the school family and planning together for the future of our children.” A graduate of Brooklyn College with advanced degrees from California State University and the State University of New York at New Paltz, Gottlieb began her professional career spanning more than 30 years as a speech and language specialist, including positions in the Montvale Public Schools and Bergen County Special Services. ������ Planner 2009 Stay on top of commercial building maintenance By participating in this very special supplement to The Villadom TIMES, you’ll get the selective exposure you need in 56,300 households in your market area. Building Exterior Consultants, L.L.C. “Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions”  Roof Surveys  Waterproofing Surveys  Roof Evaluations  Moisture Surveys  Specification Development  Project Management  Construction Management  Due Diligence Jose A. Godoy Senior Consultant Phone: 954-584-3308 Fax: 954-584-3309 Cell: 954-275-3631 E-Mail: jgodoy@buildingexteriorconsultants.com Publication Date: Wednesday, June 24 Advertising Deadline: Wednesday, June 17 Call today to place your advertisement: 201-652-0744 Web Site: www.buildingexteriorconsultants.com 5-27-09----BridalSummer3x-