Page 16 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • June 10, 2009 �������������������������� The Wyckoff Board of Education has listed the academic honors for teachers and for students for the school year. Students who earned the Johns Hopkins Talent Search nod for success in early SATs include John Adams, Susanna Bae, Allison Diaz, Robert Gelfond, Colleen Hafers, Kelly Hafers, Jonathan Hommes, Joshua Kim, Aiden Lawson, Elena Markoulis, Matthew Martone, Kaitlyn McWha, Marie-Elle Merchant, Mackenzie Moore, Christopher Morski, Chui Park, Michael Salek, Timothy Sander, Drake Sieber, Benjamin Stern, Grace Tellado, and Eugene Won. The Bergen County Counselor’s Caring Award went to Caitlin Buchanan, Maggie Clapp, Nicholas Cohen, Kendal Cornwell, Carson Clark, Julianne Goodman, Vincent Gunn, Valerie Kologrivov, Lauren LoRusso, Anna Powers, Marissa Scarry, and Sarah Scire. Rachel Juter won admittance to the Bergen County Middle School Chorus and Daniel Ro won admittance to the All North Jersey Junior Region 1 Orchestra and the All State New Jersey Junior Orchestra. Students who were accepted to the New Jersey Olympiad included Zachary Belohoubek, Jennifer Do, Tanner Frank, Michelle Gasbarro, Christian Geering, Daniel Golden, Eric Golden, Samuel Judd, Aiden Kelly, Austin Kim, Connor Kim, Andrew Kristofick, Matthew Martone, Alexander Mikelis, Amy Na and Matthew Rea, Daniel Ro, Charles Verhoog, Reed Zak, Kevin Zellers, and Scott Zellers. The school’s top entrant in the New Jersey Geography Bee was Timothy Sander. Edward Pruim was accepted to DARE Summer Leadership Camp. Teacher Loris Chen won both the CIBA Foundation Exemplary Middle Level Science Teaching Award and the Wyckoff Sale Days June 11-12-13 Schools list honors for teachers, students Celest Summer Workshop for 2009 at Boston University. Harold Olejarz won the Geraldine R, Dodge Foundation Grant Award. Mimi Gioia won the National Science Foundation Award. Jamie Caputo Getraidman won the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute Award. The Bergen County Utilities Authority honored Janice Kochanek, and Teachers College of Columbia University gave the Leadership Project Award to Grace White. Alan Reiffe received a certificate of excellence for financial reporting. Christine Roche, long-term president of the Wyckoff Board of Education who did not seek re-election this year, was honored with the Archie F. Hay Award.