Page 14 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • June 10, 2009 �������������������������� by John Koster T.J. Risseeuw, a young Wyckoff resident who has already piled up a list of public service achievements, was honored by the Wyckoff Township Committee for advancing to the finalist level in a state essay contest with more than 40 communities sponsoring applicants. Risseeuw, an Eagle Scout and a junior fireman, was one of 15 New Jersey residents to reach the finalist level in the New Jersey State League of Municipalities contest. There were three winners, one from Bergen County, and three other Bergen County finalists among the 15 high school seniors in the second tier. Risseeuw was the only finalist from Northwest Bergen County. The contest asks high school seniors to write a 500-word essay about what their local government does for them. Members of the Wyckoff Township Committee said at last week’s meeting that Risseeuw has some firsthand experience as a beneficiary and a benefactor of local government. Mayor Joseph Fiorenzo remembered coaching Risseeuw as a member of an award-winning fifth grade basketball team, and praised the young man for Wyckoff Sale Days June 11-12-13 Township honors Risseeuw as state-level finalist becoming a junior fireman, maintaining a relationship with the Wyckoff Volunteer Fire Department established by his grandfather and carried on by his father, both of whom were present at last week’s meeting, along with Risseeuw’s mother. Committeeman Rick Alnor, a former fire chief, concurred that Risseeuw was following in a worthy tradition of service. “For those of us who have played a part in that, it makes it worthwhile for us each day,” Alnor said. Committeeman David Connolly said he remembered Risseeuw as an Eagle Scout due to his own involvement with Boy Scouting, and commended the whole family for service to the community. “It’s very important that the family sticks together, and you’ve got a great family,” Connolly told Risseeuw. Committeeman Rudy Boonstra praised Risseeuw for not being afraid to get involved with municipal activities. “We need young people within our municipality who get involved, and it’s a great thing to see,” Boonstra said. Wyckoff resident Sandra Van Alstine won a $1,000 scholarship in the New Jersey League of Municipalities contest in 1996. Pictured: Wyckoff Township Committeeman David Connolly, Mayor Joseph Fiorenzo, honoree T. J. Risseeuw, and Wyckoff Township Committeemen Rick Alnor and Rudy Boonstra. ee fr 3-18-09 Janine AtlanticSteward6x6(2-25-09)