Franklin Lakes July 22, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 7 Golf course wants inclusion in COAH plan by Frank J. McMahon The Galenkamp Brothers Partnership and High Mountain Club, Inc., which owns the 131-acre High Mountain Golf Course property, wants to be included in the Franklin Lakes affordable housing plan that was submitted to the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing last year. The golf course owners have filed objections to the borough’s COAH plan, called the Franklin Lakes Housing Element and Fair Share Plan, along with two other objectors who have expressed opposition to the certification of the borough’s plan by COAH. Those objections are in addition to the one submitted by a DeKorte Drive resident who opposes the rezoning of a less than half-acre site across the street from her for a five bedroom special needs housing development. One of the other objectors, the Countrywide Developers Inc., the potential developer of the 15.6-acre Temple Emanuel property at the intersection of Colonial and McCoy roads, opposes the borough’s COAH plan primarily because it does not include that property as a potential affordable housing site. The fourth objector, the Fair Share Housing Center in Cherry Hill, opposes the plan because it does not comply with COAH requirements. Professional Planner Joseph Burgis, who used to be the borough’s planner and is now the planner for the golf course owners, stated in a letter to COAH that a review of the plan for his clients revealed that the borough’s plan does not affirmatively address the entirety of the community’s affordable housing obligation nor conform with a number of the technical aspects of COAH’s regulations. Burgis criticized the proposal to allow affordable housing in the borough’s industrial I-1 and I-2 zones, encompassing two industrial zoned and developed streets; a municipal-sponsored affordable housing development on DeKorte Drive; and the proposal to allow affordable housing units in a portion of the borough’s RB retail business zone on Franklin Avenue, because he said they do not present a realistic opportunity for the construction of affordable housing. Burgis also claims the plan does not address the manner in which the borough intends to meet its previous, unmet obligation of 249 affordable housing units. He goes on to point out other areas of the plan that do not meet COAH requirements, providing extensive detail to support his claims. He said his clients own property in the borough that is available, approvable, developable, and suitable for affordable housing and is available for the purposes of assisting the borough in meeting its affordable housing obligations. Burgis pointed out that the golf course property is favorably located with access from a number of borough streets, and primary access from two county roads. He also argued that the (continued on page 19) 2 Locations Glen Rock & Passaic PASSAIC LOCATION NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! We Offer Line Of Credits And Financing Plans 201.345-5621