Midland Park July 15, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 5 The Borough of Midland Park has entered into yet another shared service agreement with the Borough of Waldwick, this time for the court administrator’s services. The new shared venture will allow Midland Park to realize a savings of nearly $13,000 during the six month study phase through the end of the year, according to Midland Park Administrator Michelle Dugan. “This unique agreement, while a shared service, is actually a feasibility study for both boroughs,” said Dugan. “Most often, feasibility studies are a paper exercise. In this case, it will be a real time opportunity to develop efficiencies of operations, find out what works, and make adaptations as things need to be adjusted.” Under the terms of the memorandum of understanding worked out by the administrators of both municipalities, each borough will maintain its current, separate court office and court officers, judge, prosecutor, and public defender. These separate courts will remain in their respective boroughs. Midland Park’s Court Administrator Allison Blau will divide her time between the two towns and administrate two court sessions per month in each borough. During regular business hours, each office will be able to transact business for both municipalities, take phone calls, accept payments, answer questions, and any other reasonable and customary activities associated with the statutory responsibilities of a court office relating to either borough. The agreement is structured for a finite period from July 1, to Dec. 31, 2009, during which time the borough administrators are required to study and evaluate the operations and make recommendations to the governing bodies by Nov. 15. Should a decision be made to go beyond this time frame with a permanent shared service agreement, the arrangement would have to be approved by Bergen County Assignment Judge Peter E. Doyne. The Borough of Waldwick will pay Midland Park $19,000 to share the salary and fringe benefits of the court Town to share court administrator services administrator and fund added personnel costs. Both municipalities will share the budgeted salary and fringe benefits on a 50/50 basis. The added personnel costs of approximately $6,400 for the feasibility study will be split 75/25, $4,800 for Waldwick and $1,600 for Midland Park. Both boroughs have a proud history of promoting oppor- tunities to develop shared personnel, facilities, equipment, and commodities. At present the towns share the police pistol range and the well child clinic as well as the regional board of health, which also includes Montvale and Upper Saddle River. (continued on page 23) Telecommunications antennas placed atop the water tower on Glen Avenue in Midland Park will provide cell phone signal reliability for an area currently with deficient coverage, a radio frequency expert told the Midland Park Board of Adjustment last week. Noman Alam, testifying on behalf of Omnipoint Communications, LLC, said that it would not be possible to address the gaps in service by adding additional antennas to existing antenna sites, the option that board members had suggested at the board’s June meeting. He said that the 133 Glen Ave. site serves a different area of need within the network than existing antennas at 6 Prospect St. and 44 Godwin Ave. in Midland Park, a site in Ho-Ho-Kus or the monopole at the borough garage on Greenwood Avenue. Alam said that he had also considered the Ridgewood firehouse on Glen Avenue, as requested by the board. He said that the existing set up there would not support directional antennas, and that there is not enough room to erect the new monopole and equipment cabinets that would be required. Additionally, he said, the elevation at that location would be 60 feet lower than at the water tank. “The firehouse would require a higher structure and may Water tower antennas will provide better coverage, expert testifies not cover the gap towards the northwest,” Alam said. He also said that the antennas at the 7/Eleven in Waldwick do not cover this area because they are pointed in the opposite direction. He said that an antenna on the DPW monopole would provide coverage to Donna Lane and the southwest towards Sicomac Avenue but not to the top of the Prospect/ Glen hill and down towards Morningside and Monroe in Ridgewood. “It would overlap with others and not provide reliable coverage where it is needed,” he said. The borough awarded Omnipoint the bid to co-locate on the DPW monopole two years ago, but the company never signed a lease with the town. Alam said that the company had previously considered locating at 50 Dairy Street and on Midland Park High School property, an application which the board of education later rejected. He said existing structures, such as the water tank, are preferable to having to erect a new monopole. Omnipoint proposes to install nine antennas attached to the railing of the water tank at a height of 84.3 ft, the (continued on page 15) Like the idea and philosophy behind acupuncture but are scared of needles? Why not try Tuina Massage. Let us Gift Certificates help you relax, replenish, and rejuvenate. Available Chiropractic Wellness Center Come on in and get your 20% off with this coupon! 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