Page 4 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • February 4, 2009 Franklin Lakes Borough to regulate temporary storage containers by Frank J. McMahon An ordinance recently introduced by the Franklin Lakes Borough Council would, if adopted at the Feb. 10 meeting, regulate the use of temporary storage containers on residential property in the borough. The outdoor containers, commonly referred to as PODS, which is the commercial name of one of the manufacturers of the storage units, are used to store personal home furnishings and other personal items on a temporary basis during a time of home repair, construction, renovation, or relocation. The ordinance establishes the procedure whereby individuals may apply for a permit to allow for the use of the temporary storage containers on residential property, and it establishes the rules, regulations, and restrictions with regard to the use and placement of such temporary storage containers. Under the provisions of the ordinance, a temporary storage container would only be permitted in the residential zoning districts of the borough and they could no encroach into the front yard, side yard, or rear yard setbacks of any residential property. They would only be permitted on the lot within the driveway area, or the rear of the dwelling, and they would have to be visible from the public right-of-way. In addition, the temporary storage containers could not exceed 20 feet in length and must have a maximum capacity of 1,800 cubic feet. To obtain a permit for the use of the temporary storage containers, an application would have to be made to the borough’s zoning officer for a permit prior to the delivery or use of any temporary storage container on residential property. The permit would allow for the delivery and 90-day use of the temporary storage container. In the event that it becomes necessary to extend that time period beyond the initial 90 days, a property owner would be permitted to make an application to the borough’s zoning officer for an extension of time not to exceed an additional 90 days. But the permit time could not exceed a total of six months in any one calendar year. The fee charged for the initial permit would be $150, and the fee for an extension permit would be $100. Those fees have been reviewed by the borough’s planning board, which found that they are reasonable to cover the administrative costs associated with the paperwork and the policing of the temporary storage units. Enforcement of this ordinance would be by the borough’s zoning officer, construction code official, or such other employee or department of the borough as designated in writing by the borough’s governing body. Any person, firm, corporation, and/or entity violating or neglecting to comply with any provision of this ordinance would be subject to a fine of up to $500 for the first offense and $750 for each and every subsequent offense. Each day such a violation or noncompliance exists would constitute a separate offense, and an additional fine would be imposed. Valley Hospital Auxiliary hosts meeting The Franklin Lakes Branch of the Valley Hospital Auxiliary will hold a meeting on Monday, Feb. 23 at 10:30 a.m. at the Franklin Lakes Library on DeKorte Drive. This meeting will cover a variety of topics including volunteer opportunities at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. The meeting is open to the entire Franklin Lakes community, and auxiliary members from other Bergen County Branches. In 2008, the Franklin Lakes Branch of the Valley Hospital Auxiliary experienced a record year. During its brief history, the branch has attracted 66 members, sponsored two fundraisers and contributed to Valley Hospital’s Giving Tree and the Adopt-A-Family Program. Additional activities and fundraisers are being planned. 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