Page 10 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • December 9, 2009 As the search for a new superintendent of schools gets underway in Waldwick, resident Al Coldon is pursuing the idea of a shared position or a consolidation with the Midland Park School District. “Now is the time to join, when both schools are looking for a superintendent. The future is coming when you’ll have to join everything, This is an opportune time, ” Coldon told the Waldwick Mayor and Council at a recent meeting. Coldon was directed to speak to the board of education, which is an autonomous body over which the council has no jurisdiction. “We have zero power over the board of ed,” said Councilwoman Anita Bozzo. Mayor Russell “Buddy” Litchult said that the board of education had done studies in the past about combining the districts but nothing had developed. The idea does not seem to have support among the current boards either. “Sharing a superintendent is not on our radar screen,” commented Midland Park Board of Education President Richard Venditti. “There is more involved than just hiring a body. You have different staffs, different unions, differences in curriculum, and I do not know how one person could lead two separate school bodies. And unfortunately both districts need a superintendent now,” he added. The Waldwick Board addressed the issue at its recent superintendent forum and determined that is not the direction it wants to pursue at this time. Midland Park’s application process is closed, and the board is now reviewing the applications. The board’ is handling the search internally and plans to start interviewing candidates in January, according to Venditti. Midland Park, Waldwick seek own superintendents Waldwick’s search is being directed by Dr. Gregg Hauser, who served as Waldwick’s interim superintendent before Dr. Robert Penna was hired and is currently interim superintendent in Demarest. The board has advertised the vacancy and has received eight résumés thus far, which Dr. Hauser is reviewing. The application deadline is Dec. 31. Midland Park’s superintendent, Dr. William Heebink, is retiring in June, 2009 for health reasons after two years in the position. Dr. Penna has also indicated that he will be retiring in June after four years in the position and more than 40 years in education. Drainage (continued from page 3) price of $104,000. His equipment was brought to the site on Nov. 30, alerting the neighbors to the impending project. They said they had expected the project to be done in the spring and were waiting to be contacted by town officials to discuss the project. The additional noise the two new courts would generate, particularly due to their increased proximity to the Woodside Avenue homes, was also a concern. John Mania of Glen Avenue, a sound expert, said that the orientation of the courts and their more frequent use will have an environmental effect on the homes. He said the sound is magnified as the balls bounce and as they hit the backboard. Brian McCourt of Woodside Avenue, pointed out that the new courts would only be useable for pick up games, not for recreational activities. He said the hard asphalt surface would disqualify them for any league programs. The height of the baskets would also be an issue, he said. The residents also objected to a proposal to erect a canopy above one of the courts at a cost of $212,000. The borough has applied for funds from the Open Space and Recreation Trust Fund and has received an endorsement of the application at the regional level. The actual award is expected next spring. The canopy would be about 60 ft. by 100 ft. and 16 ft. high at the center and cover part of the paved area. The mayor said it would provide protection from the elements in the summer and be useful for children as well as senior citizens. “Since we are so short on open space, we want to make as much use as possible of what we have,” he said. “The scope and bulk are way above any kind of benefit,” said Trommelen. “There is never a lack of space during inclement weather; they use the DePhillips Center. I sense this canopy can create more of a problem. It’s not right,” he said. Trommelen asked that such projects be reviewed in front of the planning board, where they can be discussed and receive a public hearing. “It would be a common courtesy to give us notice,” he added. “Put yourself in our place. See how you’d like this massive structure looking into your house,” said Woodside resident Jack Shaw. 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