Midland Park August 26, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 7 Midland Park will celebrate Community Day at the DePhillips Community Center, 50 Dairy Street, Sept. 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. The borough will also be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Midland Park Volunteer Fire Department. Games and contests are planned for a day of commu- MPFD’s 100th Anniversary, Community Day coming up nity spirit, family fun, and entertainment for all. The Midland Park Fire Department will be cooking hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, for which donations will be greatly appreciated. Refreshments, ice cream, desserts, and other baked goods may also be purchased. Bring chairs and blankets to enjoy a spot in the Care of Veterans Plaza under discussion After three years, David Lancaster recently informed the Midland Park Council via letter that he is no longer able to tend Veterans Plaza in the borough’s Wortendyke section. The governing body is currently discussing ways to keep the location well maintained. Department of Public Works Foreman Rudy Gnehm advised the council that Lancaster had been working three to five hours a week working in multiple flower beds. He suggested the possible formation of a garden club that would be charged with maintaining the area, or the addition of extra summer help for that purpose. Councilman Bernie Holst offered to discuss the options in detail with Gnehm. Councilman Bud O’Hagan asked if the borough still has local landscapers tending various areas. Gnehm said landscaping crews do provide service to the municipality, but not on a weekly basis, as Lancaster has. Holst agreed that Lancaster has been doing excellent work at Veterans Plaza. Council President Nancy Peet noted that Lancaster’s letter showed concern for providing the proper reverence and respect for the site, and Holst added that Lancaster’s issues involve the care and the proper use of the area. Lancaster wrote, “I do not have the amount of time necessary to tend to this highly venerated area. It has been my pleasure, however, I need to pass the baton to someone else who can focus the time and attention to the task which is required and deserved. I have kept a log of information regarding the types of plants we used in each area, the day/ times that each sprinkler needs to water the flowers and grass and the fertilizers/treatments needed. I will be available to help in the transition of responsibility and will make myself available to answer any questions that arise.” Lancaster acknowledged the work of the Midland Park (continued on page 17) sun, shaded tables and chairs will also be available. Residents are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk to the event. Some parking will be available in front of the high school. The Dairy Street Tennis Court and the playground area parking will be reserved strictly for seniors or those needing assistance and will be accessible from Sunset Avenue only. Golf cart rides to and from the senior’s and handicapped parking lots will be available throughout the day for those in need of assistance. Entertainment for the day will include DJ John, bucket brigade, inflatable rides, and water slides so participants should wear their bathing suits. In case of inclement weather call the recreation hotline at (201) 652-2747. In the event of rain, Community Day will be rescheduled for Sunday Sept. 13. Residents are needed to help decorate on Saturday between 9 and 10 a.m. Volunteers are needed to blow up water balloons in advance; balloons and containers will be provided. Call or e-mail mprec@optonline.net to volunteer. ��� MIMI NAILS LCN Gel Set % off We use 100% original LCN Gel products. New clients only. With this coupon. Offers may not be combined. Expires 9-7-09. 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