Page 12 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II, III & IV • August 26, 2009 �������������� Students’ learning styles: One size does not fit all All parents know that children have unique personalities, likes and dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses. Just as every child is his or her own person, when it comes to learning style, no two children process infor����������������������������� mation exactly the same way. What is a learning style? Put simply, learning style ������������ is the manner in which a person learns best. While there are many definitions of different types of learning �������������������� styles, a common way to categorize learning preference is through the senses: in particular, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Here are some helpful ������������������ questions parents can and may find that drawing a concept visually will help him or her understand it. Is your child an auditory learner? Does your child talk aloud when processing new concepts? Does your child enjoy reading aloud (and being read to)? Does your child ask a lot of questions? Does your child remember facts more easily when they are read to him or her? If your child tends toward auditory learning, he or she may benefit from earplugs or noise cancelling headphones, a quiet study place with minimal distracting noises, recording important concepts (via a tape recorder) and playing the tape back to learn them, or talking through homework problems aloud with you or a study partner. Is your child a kinesthetic learner? Does your child become antsy after sitting still for too long? Is your child constantly moving? Does your child prefer standing to sitting? Does your child lose focus when reading (or during long lectures)? Does your child fidget when doing homework? If your child tends toward kinesthetic learning, he or she may benefit from frequent breaks, note taking, highlighting and underlining his or her textbooks when reading, playing with a stress ball while studying and hands-on activities. Keep in mind that children use all three of these senses for different tasks, but may prefer one method over the others. Of course, your child’s personality is another key factor in how he or she learns. For example, an organized, self-motivated student will approach learning differently than one who is more spontaneous and less methodical. By recognizing your child’s preferred learning style or styles, you will be better equipped to help your child adapt to his environment, learn more effectively and succeed in school. This article was submitted by Dr. Raymond J. Huntington. Dr. Huntington and Eileen Huntington are co-founders of Huntington Learning Center, which has been helping children succeed in school for more than 30 years. For more information, call 1-800 CAN LEARN. use to assess their own child’s sensory learning styles: Is your child a visual learner? Does your child understand concepts better when the teacher writes them on the board? Does your child watch people intently when they are speaking? Does your child have a vivid imagination? Is your child good at remembering faces and places? Does your child easily remember details in movies and television shows? If your child tends toward visual learning, he or she may benefit from visual aids (such as charts, diagrams, pictures, or maps), flash cards or other memory devices, Pinnacle Learning Center At the Ramapo Reformed Church 109 West Ramapo Ave., Mahwah The Villadom TIMES is publishing three great issues to help you start the fall selling season off right. Timely editorial featuring pertinent articles and back to school tips will be included to ensure readership. Your advertisement in each of these special sections will reach 56,300 residences in your market area. You don’t have to do any homework to know where to advertise your back to school specials... �������������� �������������������������� �� ��������������������������� �� �������������������������� �� ��������������������������� �� Conveniently located just off Route 17 7 AM - 6:30 PM M-F Yr. Round Flexible Hrs. Half and Full Day Pre-School - 2½ - 6 Years Crafts, Music, Spanish, Computers, Science AM & PM Academics. Owner/Director/Teacher Maria Cancelosi NJ State License CPR Trained Affordable - Sibling Discount ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Wednesday, August 26 PUBLICATION DATES: Wednesday, September 2 � Drawing & Painting � Drawing What You See � Portfolio Preparation � Comic & Sci-Fi Art � Book & Story Illustration 2 Godwin Plaza (behind 644 Godwin Ave) � Midland Park 201-444-6155 � REGISTER NOW FOR FALL CLASSES: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSPAPER Call today to place your advertisement. Register for September 2009 201-512-3313 201-652-0744 ZONE 1: Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Midland Park ZONE 2: Glen Rock, Ridgewood ZONE 3: Allendale, Ho-Ho-Kus, Waldwick, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River ZONE 4: Ramsey, Mahwah