Franklin Lakes August 19, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 9 Applicant seeks subdivision with planned cul-de-sac by Frank J. McMahon The owners of two adjoining properties on Marie Court in Franklin Lakes have proposed the subdivision of the two lots into three lots that would front a cul-desac that would not be constructed, but would be identified as a right-of-way. Harold Cook, the attorney for the property owners, Sherif and Omneya Elfar, recently described the existing property and the proposed subdivision to the planning board. He explained that the two lot property is near Franklin Lake Road and is located in the A-40 residential zone, which requires minimum lot sizes of 40,000 square feet. One of the existing lots is an irregular shape and its northwest portion extends into wetlands. The two lots are currently fully developed with dwellings, and one lot includes two sheds and a garage, which would be removed if this subdivision application were approved. Robert Weissman, the property owners’ professional engineer, said the application calls for the use of irregular lot lines to combine part of each of the two existing lots into a third lot that would be adjacent to property that fronts on the Scholar Court cul-de-sac. The existing dwelling, pool, and driveway on the lot closest to Franklin Lake Road would remain, while the existing dwelling on the lot farther from Franklin Lake Road would be demolished along with the sheds and free standing garage, and a new dwelling would be constructed with an attached garage, a septic system, and a single access driveway from Marie Court. The new lot would include a new dwelling with an attached garage, a new septic system and a pool, and the property would be accessed by a 150-foot long driveway that would increase in width to 16 feet and extend from Marie Court through the cul-de-sac right-of-way to the new dwelling. All three lots would be fully conforming in size and configuration, according to Weissman, with the lot where the dwelling will remain to be 1.85 acres, the new lot to be just under one acre, and the lot where the existing dwelling would be demolished to be 1.2 acres. No trees would be removed from the site and the future owner of the new lot would be responsible for the maintenance of the driveway. Several members of the board expressed concern about the responsibility for maintaining the grassy areas that would abut that driveway. A discussion ensued about whether it would be better for one property owner to be responsible for the driveway and the grass around it, or if there should be a cross agreement with the future owners of the three properties under which each property owner would bear responsibility for maintaining the lawn on their sides of the driveway. Cook suggested that the responsibility for the maintenance of the property on the sides of the driveway could be in an agreement that would be part of the purchase agreement for each of the two lots to be sold, but some board members felt it would be better if one property’s owner had the full responsibility. Weissman advised that there are no environmental constraints on the property and no endangered species there. As a result, an environmental impact study would not be required. Any tress removed when the individual site plans are developed would be replaced according to the borough’s guidelines. He also advised that the development would comply with the state’s storm water management regulations and seepage pits would be provided for the roof drains. He added that the borough’s board of health has agreed that septic systems can be accommodated on these lots. Cook agreed to investigate whether the adjoining property owner would grant an easement to bring a water line to the three lots from Scholar Court. If not, he said the existing well on the site would be relocated. The public hearing on this subdivision application will continue at the Aug. 19 planning board meeting. The Franklin Lakes Board of Education will meet on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. The session will be held at the Franklin Lakes Middle School on Franklin Avenue. Deadline is Wednesday at noon. Board of education to meet Lynn’s Pet Care Going on vacation? Away for the weekend? Work long hours away from home? We’ll care for your pets when you can’t. Please call 201-493-8442 4 Out of 5 Ain’t Bad! One of my SAT Verbal-Writing tutorial students got into four out of five colleges he applied to…including his target school. 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