Page 4 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • August 19, 2009 Midland Park Midland Park Councilman Bernie Holst and Department of Public Works Foreman Rudy Gnehm have pledged to address the concerns of John DeWitt, a blind resident who expressed several concerns about hazardous conditions on local sidewalks and at major intersections. DeWitt, who was accompanied by his Seeing Eye Dog Houston, told the council he regularly walks Paterson Avenue, Morrow, Linden, and Bank. “A lot of places on Paterson and along Cross are not in good condition,” DeWitt said. He told the council that he recently fell on Linden, where the curb is raised. DeWitt added that his neighbors tend to walk in the street because some of the sidewalks are tripping hazards and are sometimes not shoveled in winter. The resident requested the borough’s thoughts on improving the condition of the walks. “I’ve had some problems walking, especially in the winter time,” he said, adding his concerns about crossing at several traffic signals, especially the intersection of Godwin and Goffle. “I call it Godwin Awful,” he said. DeWitt said the addition of audible signals would be a real improvement. He said a representative from The Seeing Eye in Morristown had recently evaluated the Godwin and Goffle intersection and deemed it “impossible.” Councilman, foreman address safety concerns Councilman Holst, a member of the Midland Park Lions Club since 1973, told DeWitt that he and DPW Foreman Rudy Gnehm had recently begun to look at the very safety issues DeWitt had raised. “We are aware of the problems, and will put a program together,” Holst said. However, DeWitt was advised that the traffic signal issue is a matter for Bergen County, as county roads are concerned. Midland Park Borough Administrator Michelle Dugan offered to pursue information regarding any grants that might be available for projects that would enhance the borough’s barrier-free compliance. Council President Nancy Peet, who chaired the meeting in the absence of Mayor Joseph Monahan, added that some local residents with ambulatory limitations are using scooters, and are also finding the borough’s busy intersections difficult to cross. Holst and Gnehm pledged to continue their research into the matter of pedestrian safety. DeWitt added that Ridgewood has established a committee known as Access for All. He said he would like to work to establish a similar group in Midland Park in a cooperative manner. “I love Midland Park,” he added. “I just want to make it a little better.” Winning ways Three Highland School intermediate students emerged as winners in the first Midland Park School Speech Contest. The three winners were Kayla Thomas, first place; Rachel Borntrager, second place; and Anne Bradley, third place. Each winner received a plaque and book gift card. The students were asked to discuss a person who has touched many lives. Superintendent William Heebink was impressed with the high quality of the speeches, saying each student delivered a truly winning speech. All combined elements of humor, verve, and sincerity. Pictured are Anne, Kayla, and Rachel. The Midland Park Council has directed Department of Public Works Foreman Rudy Gnehm to write a policy concerning a formal closing procedure for the borough’s playing fields. Input on the policy will be sought from the organizations that use those fields, including the Midland Park Board of Recreation and the board of education. Speaking at last week’s council meeting, Gnehm said, “We’re at a point where we have to control how the ball fields are being used.” He noted that the decision to play on wet fields is currently being made by the coaches and umpires. He explained that, Borough to consider formal policy for closing fields in their enthusiasm to play their games, some individuals have swept water, and clay, off the infield, causing damage that results in larger puddles in the future. Gnehm pointed out that Dave Lancaster, the field manager, works hard to maintain the recreation facilities. “We put time and effort into keeping the fields in top condition,” he noted, clarifying that no one group was causing the concerns. He recommended that signs be put out to indicate the times when the playing fields are closed to all teams, and urged limits on the use of the drying agent used to absorb water from the fields. Gnehm was told to make his suggestions in written form for further consideration. Correction The Borough of Midland Park is now putting finances in place to automate the doors at the public library for barrierfree accessibility. The push-button mechanism will ensure ADA compliance at the library, where District 3 voters cast their ballots. The automation has not been completed. Keeping Families Warm Since 1929. September Brides A Fall Wedding Showcase By participating in this very special supplement to The Villadom TIMES, you’ll get the selective exposure you need in 56,300 households in your market area. 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