Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • August 12, 2009 Wyckoff Officials consider request to film in township by John Koster The Wyckoff Township Committee has asked Township Administrator Robert Shannon to research the experiences Allendale and Glen Rock officials have had with movie crews operating within those municipalities, but the outlook for a request to film in Wyckoff was not hopeful. “Five or six years ago the decision was that it wasn’t worth it,” Mayor Joseph Fiorenzo remembered. “I feel this might raise problems.” The discussion came about because the township received an inquiry about filming within the borders of Wyckoff. No township ordinance permits or forbids motion picture crews from operating in Wyckoff. Fiorenzo asked the governing body to balance the possibility of small increases in revenue against potential traffic and privacy issues caused by film crews that sometimes use 20-foot or 30-foot trucks and trailers for actors and equipment. “I am reluctant to open up the community to the dislocation that could be caused by this for $1,500,” Mayor Fiorenzo said. Rather than reject the concept outright, however, he asked Shannon to ask what experiences other towns had with filming. Shannon suggested the requests for information be sent to the chiefs of police in the Boroughs of Glen Rock and Allendale, where a number of professional and college film-class movies have been made. The committee members agreed with this recommendation. Township Committeeman Rudy Boonstra suggested that areas such as farms, where the filming could be done on private property without serious disruption of traffic and neighbors’ privacy, be granted an exception from a general ban on film production. Allendale, Wyckoff’s neighbor, has been a magnet for film crews with interior and exterior filming of several feature films, one starring Harrison Ford, and of the situation comedy “Ed,” which filmed several locations in Allendale. A Glen Rock-based grocery store has been used in several movies made by university film classes, and the local hardware store, under a previous owner, was featured in several TV commercials. Wyckoff Township Committee members said they would await reports from municipalities that permit filming before making a decision as to whether to permit this activity in Wyckoff. Area ‘RENT: The School Edition’ to be performed locally SRYT (Saddle River Youth Theatre) has been working with some of Bergen County’s most talented teens for a two-week Theatre Intensive Workshop, that will culminate with 7:30 p.m. performances of “RENT: The School Edition” Aug. 14 and 15 at Highlands Regional Playhouse in Allendale. The playhouse is located on the grounds of Archer United Methodist Church, at the intersection of 37 East Allendale Avenue and Franklin Turnpike in Allendale. “RENT” is the product of intensive vocal, dance and acting instruction for SRYT’s Senior Musical Theatre students, who attend grades seven through 12. The gritty themes of the story and amazing musical score are energized by the enthusiastic cast. Although a “School Edition,” tempered somewhat in terms of language, the musical does contain subject matter and content appropriate for mature audiences. Please consider carefully before bringing children under age 13. Tickets are $12 and all seating is assigned, so advanced reservation is recommended, although available remaining tickets will be sold at the door 20 minutes Saddle River Youth Theatre students Kevin Dugay, Jacqueline Gold, and Austen Tosone rehearse for the upcoming performances of ‘RENT: The School Edition.’ prior to the show. Tickets may be reserved by calling the box office at (201) 825-8805. The box office is open on a part-time basis; voicemail messages will be returned. Ticket reservations will also be accepted via email at The theater is air conditioned and the show runs approximately two hours, plus an intermission. SRYT offers year-round programming, including a one-week Day Camp Drama Program, for students 6-16. This year’s camp will run from Aug. 24 through 28, with presentations on Aug. 29. A few spaces are still available. Information about this and upcoming programs for the fall, including “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” “Oliver,” and “Les Miserables” may be found online at or by calling the office at (201) 825-8805. SRYT, a 501(c) 3 organization, was founded in 1996. The group’s theater professionals bring the Broadway experience to local communities. SRYT has over 140 shows to its credit, and offers many specialized workshops. 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