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December 24, 2008 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 7 Mahwah Marathoner raises $1,800+ for children with clubfoot On a chilly morning, Mahwah resident Allison Jackson crossed the fi nish line in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, successfully completing her quest to com- plete the Philadelphia Marathon. But fi nish- ing the race was only a fraction of what she accomplished. She also raised more than $1,800 to cure children who have clubfoot. All proceeds will be donated to CURE International, a nonprofi t organization that treats children in developing countries. With the money Jackson raised, the organi- zation can cure nine children of clubfoot. Clubfoot is the most common physical birth defect. Each year, clubfoot affects more than 200,000 newborn children in the developing world. This condition twists and deforms a child’s feet, making walking extremely diffi cult. Jackson was born with clubfoot, and the condition was corrected. “I am very thank- ful I had a chance to receive medical care Allison Jackson at the fi nish line. for my clubfoot so I could grow up without physical limitations,” she said. “When I discovered there were millions of children with this condition in the devel- oping world who need help right now, I decided to use my participation in the mar- athon as a platform to raise awareness and money for their medical treatment. I would like to thank everyone who joined me in supporting my run.” Through its CURE Clubfoot Worldwide program, CURE International reached more than 2,000 clubfoot children last year. In the last two years, CURE Clubfoot Worldwide has already helped start clubfoot treatment programs in 10 developing countries, and its goal is to reach 50,000 children in the next fi ve years. To fi nd out more about CURE Interna- tional and CURE Clubfoot Worldwide, visit online at Dr. Heather Sculthorpe is proud to present Tracy Collins, a 2006 winner of the Hygienist of the Year from RDH Magazine. Now Accepting Patients Tracy Collins, RDH and Heather Sculthorpe, DMD CHILDREN’S DENTAL SPECIALIST BRAND NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART OFFICE 841 Franklin Ave, Suite 2 FRANKLIN LAKES • 201-891-0096 • Specially Trained Staff • Digital X-rays • Latex-Free • TVs • Video Games • Toys • Prizes SATURDAY HOURS AVAILABLE Specialty Permit #5582