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December 24, 2008 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 5 Area Six students win essay contest; judges recognized 300 and 400 words that includes their views on a selected theme. This year’s contestants discussed “Why America’s Veterans Should Be Honored.” Along with the students’ parents, Ho-Ho-Kus Public School Principal Alexis Eckert and history teacher Kath- eryn Ferdinand of Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood were in attendance. Kober honored judges Janet Alverson, Cynthia Baxter, Maryellen Lennon, Barbara Mason, Allan Parker, Connie Parker, Cindy Tharayil, and Sue Veerling-Steinhoff. by Jennifer Crusco Six students representing Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood, and Saddle River were honored last week for their top-rated entries in the Patriot’s Pen Essay Competition. The pro- gram was sponsored by the Washington Elm VFW Post 192 (Ho-Ho-Kus/Ridgewood). Sara D’Iorio of Ho-Ho-Kus was named the fi rst place entrant. Her winning essay has been forwarded to the dis- trict level competition. The winning entrants also included Julia Koski of Ridgewood, second place; Katherine Martini of Saddle River, third place; Emily Pagano of Ho-Ho-Kus, fourth place; Jacqueline Sloan of Ho-Ho-Kus, fi fth place; and Branden Youssef of Ho-Ho-Kus, sixth place. All of the winners received certifi cates, mousepads, pins, and a book on the U.S. Constitution. The fi rst place winner received a backpack, the second place winner received a sports bag, and the third place winner received a belt pack. VFW Commander Stanley Kober introduced each of the contestants in alphabetical order. He explained that each student’s entry had been assigned a number, so only he would know which student had submitted each essay. The judges then assigned points to each essay in the fol- lowing categories: theme knowledge, theme development, and clarity of ideas. Kober was charged with collating the results and announcing the names of the top entrants. As Kober announced the winning contestants, a clear pattern emerged: the students had won in alphabetical order. In addition, the top three entrants represented one of each of the three municipalities that had participated. CIRINO Landscaping Corp. 201-891-0955 Stanley Kober with Sara D’Iorio, Julia Koski, and Katherine Martini. “I believe that it is important for our young people to fi nd out fi rsthand, wherever possible, not from just the Inter- net, what our rich American history contains. Talking to family relatives who, in the case of this essay competition and others, may have gone through, and some may even have formed, some of our historic heritage, is an extremely important part of that education. It is my hope that these young people, as well as all those who participate in our VFW competitions and others, will do effective, thorough research into their history studies so that they understand clearly, and better, the true principles on which our coun- try was founded, and that we, and millions of others have fought -- and will fi ght --and some of whom gave -- and will give -- the ultimate sacrifi ce to preserve and defend for these young people and future generations,” Kober said. The Patriot’s Pen essay contest is geared toward middle �������������������� school students in public and private schools or youth groups. Entrants write an essay that must be between SNOW PLOWING LICENSED & INSURED • Geeta Khanna-Gorwara Broker-Sales Associate Christine Moore Home Sales Specialist ��������������������������������� Full Exam & X-Rays Why not get a price for 2009 Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care Service? Full Service Landscape Company Direct: (201) 847-1111 Email: Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Holiday SAVE BIG! Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance Programs Gotta Get Geeta! Chiropractic Wellness Center Ask about our prepay for Season Discount! May the Holidays Decorate Your Home (hopefully bought from Geeta or Christine) with Special Warmth and Happiness 35.00 RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE (normally $260) ��������������� Expires: 1-15-09 ������������������� ������������������� ��������������������������������������� �������������������� ��������������������������������������� 12-24-08 Pat from Janine DrMilazzoHoliday2x(12-24-08) 2 col x 2” 2 Locations Glen Rock & Passaic PASSAIC LOCATION NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! 201.345-5621 We Offer Line Of Credits And Financing Plans ���� � � ��� 595 North Maple Ave Ridgewood ��� �� 201-444-5763 � � ���� Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 Thurs ‘til 9:00 372 Franklin Avenue Wyckoff, NJ 07481