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December 24, 2008 THE VILLADOM TIMES I • Page 3 Wyckoff Fiorenzo forecast as township’s mayor for 2009 David Connolly, who served two years ago, and Alnor, who will almost certainly step down after his first term as mayor in 2008, are ruled out by their proximity to the mayor’s chair. Committeeman Harold Galenkamp is retiring on Jan. 1, and Com- mitteeman Rudy Boonstra, while an expe- rienced member of the board of adjustment and two boards of education, has been on the township committee for less than a year. Brian Scanlan, the first Democrat elected to the governing body in at least 30 Joseph Fiorenzo by John Koster The vote will not be official until high noon on Jan. 1, but informed sources pre- dict that Wyckoff’s mayor for 2009 will Joseph Fiorenzo, who has served one previ- ous term as mayor. Fiorenzo, an attorney in private practice and a graduate of Rutgers University and Rutgers Law School, is seen as the logical successor to Mayor Rick Alnor by informed sources because he is the least recent town- ship committee veteran to serve as Wyck- off’s chief elected official. years, will not join the committee until Jan. 1, making his appointment in 2009 even more unlikely. Noted for his eloquence and ability to sum up complicated issues in comprehen- sible terms. Fiorenzo, with Galenkamp, helped negotiate the compromise that elim- inated large-scale residential development at the Boulder Run shopping center, and is known for his defense of the rights of local communities to control their own destiny without undue state interference. Township police chief announces retirement The Wyckoff Township Committee has accepted the 2009 retirement of Police Chief John Ydo with great regret at last week’s public meeting. Chief Ydo, who has 35 years of service, will be leaving the force on June 1, 2009. Captain Ken Hagedorn will also be retir- ing shortly and no new chief has yet been selected to replace Ydo. A pre-med student before he vectored into law enforcement, fluent in Dutch and English, and a formidable physical and intellectual presence with a subtle sense of humor, Chief Ydo served at the county level in many task forces where his knowledge of forensics, criminology, and the scientific aspects of law enforcement were consid- ered extremely valuable. The father of four, he was also active in his church. “Chief Ydo took law enforcement to the highest level of professionalism,” said Township Committeman David Connolly last week. “He’s one of the best chiefs in the country, and it’s a source of great pride to Wyckoff having him work here. His high regard for safety was one of the reasons for the top AAA Safety Awards we have won over so many past years. We’ll be able to find a replacement, of course, but nobody is ever going to follow in his footsteps. He’s the best.” J. KOSTER Winter specials available now for a limited time only. Call Robin at 973-636-7000